Patient Care

patient care
Patient care is a critical topic in healthcare and is presented on a wide variety of professional tests, exams and certifications. For aspiring healthcare professionals, Mometrix has prepared a free library of review videos designed to provide a general overview and discussion of the following patient care concepts topics and ideas: 12 Lead ECG, Amyotophic Lateral Sclerosis, Assessing Pain, Asthma and Allergens, Blood Transfusions, Calculations of Drip Rates, Colic, Diabetes and Insulin, Drug Suffixes, Glucose Testing, Hypertension, Lab Values, Nausea and Vomiting, Palliative Sedation, R.I.C.E., SOAP, Starting an IV, Vital Signs, Wound Infection and more. As part of Mometrix’s free comprehensive library of study resources, these videos are invaluable test preparation tools to help you succeed on your upcoming examination.

12 Lead ECG Placement ReviewABCDE: Using Mnemonics for Pain AssessmentACE Inhibitors and ARBs?AIDS Infections and MalignanciesAcute Kidney Injury (AKI)Acute Stress DisorderAddison’s DiseaseAdjuvantAmyotrophic Lateral SclerosisAnticoagulants Thrombolytics and AntiplateletsAntihypertensives: Antiadrenergics – Alpha and Beta-BlockersArterial PuncturesAspiration of a Foreign BodyAssessing PainAsthma and AllergensAutonomic Nervous SystemBlood GasesBlood Glucose Pattern ManagementBlood TransfusionsBloodstream InfectionsBreakthrough PainCalcium Channel BlockersCancer Classification and MetastasisCardiac TamponadeCardiovascular AssessmentCause and Effects of an AV Heart BlockCauses and Symptoms of Hearing LossCauses and Symptoms of Type I DiabetesCholinergic and Anti-Cholinergic DrugsColicCommon Drug SuffixesComplications of Intravenous TherapyConditions of the Hand and ForearmCongestive Heart FailureControlled Substance CategoriesCoronary Artery DiseaseCurling’s UlcerCyanide – Symptoms and TreatmentDCAP-BTLSDVT – Prevention and TreatmentDeath RattleDiabetes Education: Health Belief ModelDiabetes Mellitus: Diet, Exercise, & MedicationDiabetes and InsulinDiabetes: ComplicationsDiseases of the Respiratory SystemDiuretics and How They WorkDrug Therapy ReviewEADLsEKG InterpretationEKG Interpretation: Ventricular ArrhythmiasEczemaElectrical Conduction System of the HeartEnd Stage Renal DiseaseFDA Pregnancy Drug CategoriesFall Prevention InterventionsFatigue Severity ScaleFluid and ElectrolytesFunction of the Circulatory SystemFunction of the Integumentary SystemGERDGlaucoma and CataractsGlucose Testing ProceduresGlucose Tolerance TestGrave’s DiseaseGuidelines for Opioid UseGuillain-Barré SyndromeHeart Anatomy and PhysiologyHeart FailureHeparin – An Injectable Anti-CoagulantHypertensionHyperthyroidismIV Drip Rate Calculation FormulaIV FluidImmunomodulators and Immunosuppressive AgentsInfant TORCH SyndromeInsulin Injection TechniquesIntraoperative NursingKarnofsky Performance ScaleL.A.S.E.R.Lab ValuesLactose IntoleranceLeukemiaLigaments WorkLiver FailureLung Diseases and DisordersLung SoundsLyme DiseaseLymphomaMedical Device CurrentsMedicare & MedicaidMeningitisMixing Insulin ProperlyMnemonics for Heart Anatomy and PhysiologyMnemonics for Medical Drug Side EffectsMonitoring Fetal Heart RateMother-Infant Interaction After DeliveryMyasthenia Gravis – Symptoms and TreatmentMyoclonusNSAID Side EffectsNausea and Vomiting During Cancer TreatmentNervous SystemNeuropathic PainNeuropathic Pain ScaleNewborn APGAR ScoreNewborn Cord Blood GasesNewborn JaundiceNociceptive PainNonpharmacologic InterventionsNormal Pulse RateNursing Care of Arterial LinesOsteoporosisOtitis MediaPacemaker CarePain AssessmentPain Assessment DocumentationPain Assessment ToolsPain Perception and ResponsePalliative Sedation GuidelinesParkinson’s DiseasePatellar FracturePediatric Cardiology & Cardiac DefectsPediatric Pain AssessmentPeptic Ulcers and Gastroesophageal Reflux DiseasePernicious AnemiaPharmacology MnemonicsPhysical DependencePneumothoraxPostoperative Nursing CarePreoperative NursingProper Skin AssessmentProzac as an AntidepressantPulmonary CircuitR.I.C.E. Method of RehabilitationRange of Motion TherapyRenal CancerRigor MortisRule of NinesSOAP Notes for Medical WorkersSections of the SpineSedative and Hypnotic DrugsSeizuresSickle Cell DiseaseSigns and Symptoms of StarvationSix Minute Walk TestSomatic PainStarting an IVStrokesSweat GlandsSymptoms of Active DyingSymptoms of Multiple Organ Dysfunction SyndromeSystemic Lupus ErythematosusTaking Blood PressureTerminal Weaning vs ExtubationThe Coagulation ProfileThe EyeThe Human HeartThe Joint CommissionThoracentesis ProcedureThyroid and Antithyroid DrugsTonic Neck ResponseTransferrinTreating Wound InfectionsTurner SyndromeVisceral PainVital SignsWarfarin – Uses and Side Effects


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