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Mometrix’s patient care videos are general reviews of the concepts, ideas, and topics that may be presented on an exam. Each of these videos will give a wide-scope review of what a test taker may need to know as they prepare to take a test.

12 Lead ECG Placement ReviewACE Inhibitors and ARBs?Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)Addison’s DiseaseAdult ACLSAIDS Infections and MalignanciesAmyotrophic Lateral SclerosisAnticoagulants Thrombolytics and AntiplateletsAntiepileptic DrugsAntihypertensives: Antiadrenergics – Alpha and Beta-BlockersArterial PuncturesAspiration of a Foreign BodyAssessment Tools for PainAsthma and AllergensBlood GasesBlood Glucose Pattern ManagementBlood TransfusionsCalcium Channel BlockersCalculating IV Drip RatesCancer Classification and MetastasisCardiac TamponadeCardiovascular AssessmentCause and Effects of an AV Heart BlockCauses and Symptoms of Hearing LossChest TubesChildhood Immunizations and ScheduleCholinergic and Anti-Cholinergic DrugsChronic InsomniaColicConditions of the Hand and ForearmCoronary Artery DiseaseCurling’s UlcerDermatological DrugsDiabetes and InsulinDiabetes MellitusDiabetes Mellitus: Diet, Exercise, & MedicationDiabetes: ComplicationsDiastolic vs SystolicDiuretics and How They WorkDrug SuffixesDrug Therapy ReviewDVT Prevention and TreatmentEKG Interpretation: Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial FlutterEKG Interpretation: Ventricular ArrhythmiasElectrical Conduction System of the HeartEnd Stage Renal DiseaseEndometriosisFall PreventionFetal Heart RateFluid and Electrolyte BalanceGastroenterological DrugsGERDGlasgow Coma ScaleGlaucoma and CataractsGlucose Tolerance TestGrave’s DiseaseGuillain-Barré SyndromeHeart Anatomy and PhysiologyHeparin – An Injectable Anti-CoagulantHow to Accurately Assess PainHypertensionHyperthyroidismImmunomodulators and Immunosuppressive AgentsInfant TORCH SyndromeIntraoperative Nursing CareIV FluidLab ValuesLactose IntoleranceLeukemiaLigaments WorkLung SoundsLyme DiseaseLymphomaMedical NegligenceMedicare & MedicaidMeningitisMnemonics for Heart Anatomy and PhysiologyMnemonics for Medical Drug Side EffectsMultiple SclerosisMuscle RelaxantsMyasthenia GravisNausea and Vomiting During Cancer TreatmentNephrotic SyndromeNeuropathic PainNewborn APGAR ScoreNewborn Cord Blood GasesNewborn JaundiceNSAID Side EffectsNurse Staffing ModelsNursing Care of Arterial LinesOsteoporosisOtitis MediaPacemaker CarePain AssessmentPain Assessment DocumentationPain DocumentationPatellar FracturesPatient AdvocacyPediatric Advanced Life SupportPediatric Cardiology & Cardiac DefectsPediatric Pain AssessmentPeptic Ulcers and Gastroesophageal Reflux DiseasePeripartum DepressionPernicious AnemiaPersistent Depressive DisorderPharmacology MnemonicsPlan of CarePleural EffusionsPneumoniaPneumothoraxPostoperative CarePreoperative NursingProper Skin AssessmentProzac as an AntidepressantPulmonary CircuitRespiratory DiseasesRule of NinesSedative and Hypnotic DrugsSeizuresSix-Minute Walk TestSOAP Notes for Medical WorkersSomatic PainStarting an IVStrokesSymptoms of Multiple Organ Dysfunction SyndromeSystemic Lupus ErythematosusTaking Blood PressureThe Coagulation ProfileThe EyeThe Five Stages of GriefThe Joint CommissionThe Nervous SystemThoracentesis ProcedureThrombolyticsThyroid and Antithyroid DrugsTonic Neck ResponseToxicity Reversal AgentsTransferrinTreating Wound InfectionsTurner SyndromeUlcerative ColitisVisceral PainVital Signs and How to Check ThemWarfarin – Uses and Side EffectsWhat is Acute Stress Disorder?What is an Adjuvant?What is Congestive Heart Failure?What is Rigor Mortis?What is Sickle Cell Disease?What is the Autonomic Nervous System?What is the Health Belief Model?


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