Arterial Punctures

Arterial Punctures

Arterial Punctures

Today we want to go over arterial blood draws, arterial punctures, the most common sights the most common places, where if you’re going to draw blood what arteries do you go to? We’ll begin then with just the three most common places for arterial punctures when drawing blood.

The first is the radial artery. The radial artery is in the wrist, on the thumb side of the wrist. The same place where you check for a pulse usually speaking. This is the most common place for doing a blood draw, it’s at the radial artery. Next, is the brachial artery.

Brachial artery is in the upper arm, on the underside of the upper arm, close to the bicep basically. This is also another artery that has been used for arterial punctures in needing to draw blood. Then the last place is the femoral artery.

The femoral artery is in the leg, thigh, upper thigh, close to the groin region. Usually this is only done in emergency situations, ER situations things like that. In terms of arterial punctures, or blood draws, the three most common sites are the radial, brachial and femoral.

Of these three, radials is most common, then second for brachial, and then usually femoral only in dire circumstances, ER situations.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: August 15, 2019