We exist to educate and empower people to achieve their maximum God-given potential, so they can serve others and provide for themselves and their families.


Our Vision is that every person attain the highest score their ability, knowledge and effort will allow, and that no person suffer an unnatural disadvantage due to inadequate opportunity for preparation. This vision, the more it is achieved, empowers individuals to overcome socioeconomic limitations to success, reduces residual bias in the testing process, and leads to better results for test-takers, educators, employers and society at large.


We do this by creating and curating the world’s largest collection of educational materials for helping individuals pass high-stakes standardized tests. Founded as a new kind of educational publisher at the dawn of the online revolution in 2002, we utilize the power of the Internet to give much of our work away for free.

We trust that this generosity in helping others will enable us to earn a fair return for our creators and their families. We believe that people come before profits, whether our clients or team members, and that a long-term enterprise can be built only on a foundation of trust, fairness, and loyalty.

How do our values impact our business?

1. A relentless focus on quality and continuous improvement in our products.

  • We continually recruit qualified, rigorously screened researchers to create and improve products, overseen by individuals with demonstrated test-taking excellence.
  • We thoroughly research and incorporate customer feedback to enhance products.
  • We manufacture, package and distribute our products to meet customer expectations in an efficient and timely manner.

2. Responsive, friendly customer service.

  • We provide telephone and email support seven days a week, in recognition of the urgent nature of our customers' test preparation needs.
  • We empower our customer service representatives to take action to solve problems.
  • We meet the particular needs of our institutional clients and reseller partners with a professional, consultive sales staff.

3. Creative marketing and sales strategies to maximize our impact and distribution.

  • We strive to meet customers at their point of need through targeted advertising.
  • We are the leading provider of free test preparation information through our network of affiliated websites, helping millions of test-takers each year.
  • We adapt our products to new technologies, including electronic and mobile distribution.

4. Respect for our employees and their families.

  • We enable employees to achieve work-life balance through flexible scheduling and 100% hour-for-hour time off for salaried staff to compensate for occasional extra work to meet customer needs.
  • We provide competitive wages and essential benefits, including health, dental, vision and disability insurance, as well as a minimum of four weeks paid leave a year for all full-time employees.
  • We provide ergonomic workstations for all employees and an employee recreational facility at our main office, including a sport court, rock climbing wall and fitness center to enhance employee wellness.