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Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our study guides. The Mometrix reviews below are examples of customer experiences with using our videos to be successful on their test.

I will start by saying this book WORKS! It is worth EVERY penny and does prepare you very well for the TEAS Test! I strongly recommend this book to anyone preparing for their TEAS Test (why else would you buy it). I studied with this book for less than 10 days (I didn’t even study everyday), and I passed my test this morning.

ATI TEAS Study Guide – S. Blazek

I have been using this study guide for the math portion only and quickly read over the other parts. I took the HESI A2 today and scored a 96 in math and an overall composite of 94. I would recommend this guide and you need to have internet access to use the videos provided in the study guide. The guide has a practice test that covered most but not all of the type of questions on the HESI. You need to know metric conversions and liquid measurements too(ounces) of one cup up to one gallon… I would recommend you buying this and give yourself several weeks of studying before the exam.

HESI A2 Study Guide – Jason F.

First and foremost, I really appreciate the fact that the first half of your study guide showcases an easy-to-use study guide designed in a “topic and bullet point” format that progresses in a logical way. It starts with the function of a normal kidney, and builds from there. One of the other study guides that I purchased dove into case studies and test questions already on page three, and I’m thinking that these two study guides will work well together. However, I prefer your method, as it assumes that I am starting from the basics and moving upward- I teach dialysis to our new employees every day, yet when it comes to preparing for my OWN test, I may as well be a first year nursing student again! It’s not easy, and I am humbled to discover a review of the basics is essential! I find the information in yours useful, clear, and to-the-point. It’s a sense of relief to open it and see everything so tidy and in such a logical order. It first provides an extensive review, and then tests you on it. The second half of your guide contains thoughtful test questions and answers with rationale provided, which I also find very beneficial.

Certified Dialysis Nurse Study Guide – Customer

Teas Test Tips & More|📚How I Passed my Teas Test!!!

I purchased this book on a thursday and i had only 2 weeks till my TEAS exam for entrance into nursing programs. Overall, believe this book worked very very very well for me. It’s been awhile since i’ve taking a test that has been this serious on my future. The reading, math and English language sections prepared me very well for the test. Compared to the test, the book’s science section was okay. I felt like I got some questions on the test that the science section touched on but didn’t exactly go into depth on. I thought I was good at science, but when it comes to the human body or the nervous system, endocrine system……I knew nothing about it….. i was getting worried after the science and math portion that I had failed…. I absolutely love that the book gave 3 practice tests. After each test I would go and use the answer key and mark which ones I got wrong and what the correct answer should be, and that’s how I studied. the question wording and question types in this book were very similar to the actual test so I thought that was a plus. I also like that MOMETRIX gives you access to their website and you can watch videos on a certain topic if you need a refresher. I probably studied over a period of 2 weeks on and off, but if you haven’t been to school or taken class in a while (especially if science isn’t your strong suit) I definitely recommend using this book and studying way ahead of time. Compared to the price of other books, this one is a bargain for how well it prepares you.

ATI TEAS Study Guide – Melissa P.

This review guide is in depth and cover most everything you need to know to take tour test for NCLEX-PN Secrets Study Guide: Complete Review, Practice Tests, Video Tutorials for the NCLEX-PN Examination. I am very well pleased with this study guide and all of the materials that it covers. It is a must have before you take your big test.Would I recommend this product to other people? Yes I would including friends and family..I absolutely think this is great product.

NCLEX-PN Study Guide – Customer

I had two weeks to study by the time I was notified of the testing date. Every day I read different parts of this book, and watched the videos it gave me. I have always been awful in science so I really thought I wouldn’t pass. I found that doing the science questions and then reviewing the answers helped me more than reading the review section. I also got a practice book and did the same with that and it must’ve worked because I passed! And if I didn’t have this book I probably wouldn’t have. I found the test to be easier than the practice questions, although it’s not the same format, each section is timed, you have 30 minutes to answer 90 questions, so you have to strategize so you can answer most of them. Would definitely reccomend this book.

PSB Health Occupations Study Guide – Traci


I enjoyed the down-to-earth common-sense tips that were provided for overall test taking. That’s important to people who may be new or afraid of standardized tests. Who isn’t? I like the practice tests--thought they were generic enough to fit the larger bill and I thought the answers section broke down the questions nicely--it’s so important to see what the correct answer looks like. I liked the over layout and the different tests levels--so students could rate their inherent abilities against different levels of difficulty. The illustrations were nicely done. I also enjoyed the video links provided.

WorkKeys Study Guide – Frank S.

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