How to Make SOAP Notes for Medical Workers

SOAP Notes

Welcome to this video tutorial on SOAP progress notes. Nurses and other healthcare providers use the SOAP note as a documentation method to write out notes in the patient’s chart. SOAP stands for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan. Let’s take a look at each of the four components so you can understand this neat and organized way of note-taking.

S is for subjective, or what the patient says about what they’re experiencing or feeling. It includes the patient’s complaints and concerns. In the patient’s own words – why they are here at the clinic or hospital. For example, ‘The patient complains of feeling achy all over her body.’ or ‘The patient states a sore throat and chills started last night.’ In this section, you want to describe the onset, location, frequency, intensity, duration, and what makes it better or worse. If this is the first time the patient is being seen, you also need to include the patient’s medical, surgical, family, and social history. Also current medications, allergies, smoking status, drug/alcohol use, and level of physical activity.

O is for objective, or what the nurse observes or measures from the patient. This would include vital signs, test results, facial expressions, and body language. For example, BP, pulse, temperature, weight, findings from a physical exam, and results from lab or diagnostic tests. Some examples from a physical exam include things such as, ‘The patient’s skin is red and hot to the touch,’ or ‘The patient grimaced when he moved his right arm.’ ‘The blood pressure reading is low and the heartbeat sounds fast and irregular.’

A is for assessment or analysis. This is the medical diagnosis or, in our case, the nursing diagnosis, in which the nurse identifies problems or issues that need to be addressed. They would include things such as, ‘The patient is at risk for a heart attack as evidenced by chest pain and clammy skin’ or ‘Risk for falls, related to right-sided paralysis.’ The nursing diagnosis analysis step guides us to the next step of planning.

The P for plan is where the nurse is noting the chosen interventions that personalize the care of the patient. These interventions are specifically chosen to move the patient toward the desired outcomes or goals. These interventions need to be based on the patient’s specific needs and abilities. In order to be effective, they need to be realistic and measurable, so they can be evaluated. This may include medications, treatments, therapy, education, or referrals.

Let’s take a look at an example of SOAP note taking for a patient that recently had surgery.

Subjective data: Post-op day 1. Patient reports some discomfort with movement, but no pain when lying in bed. Foley catheter has been removed, but patient has not yet been out of bed and is due to void. No flatulence since surgery, pt remains on clear liquid diet.

Objective data: Vital signs: Temp max 101.2, BP 124/79, P 80, R 18
I/O: Last 24 hrs – 2000 mL IV LR, 600 mL out via foley, DTV within 2 hours
Activity: Resting in bed, appears comfortable, not moving much
CV: Heart regular, capillary refill <2 sec, no chest pain
Resp: Lungs clear bilaterally
Abdomen: Bowel sounds hypoactive, mild distension
Skin: Incision to lower abdomen intact with dermabond, no redness or drainage
AM Labs: CBC, H/H 9.8/30.2, WBC 20,000

Assessment/Analysis: Risk for infection as evidenced by elevated temp and WBC.

Plan: Encourage patient to cough/deep breathe, and use incentive spirometer. Assist pt to ambulate to bathroom and in hallways. Administer pain medication as needed for pain when moving/walking. Continue to monitor vital signs and lab results.

S for subjective
O for objective
A for analysis/assessment
P for plan

Here’s a question to get you thinking…

The ‘A’ in SOAP progress notes includes which of the following:

    1. Interventions
2. Measurable data
3. Nursing diagnosis
4. Patient complaints/concerns

If you chose 3, nursing diagnosis, you’re right! The A is for assessment/analysis, in which the nurse identifies problems or issues that need to be addressed and writes a nursing diagnosis.

I hope this helps you in studying for the NCLEX! Thank you for watching this video tutorial on SOAP progress notes for nurses – be sure to check out our other videos!



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: January 14, 2021