Drug Therapy Review

Today in this video we want to go over drug therapy. When we think in terms of psychiatric patients many things are beneficial to helping them live a more normal life and to deal with the various psychiatric issues that they have. Among those things that can help them are counseling, behavior modification, and psychopharmacological treatment.

Psychopharmacological Treatment

With the rise of more information about psychiatric illnesses, psychopharmacological treatments are also on the rise, and they can be very beneficial helping people lead a more normal life and deal with their psychological issues; and they’re usually used in conjunction with behavior modification and counseling.

Now these medications that are given primarily affect the central nervous system and more specifically within that they work on the cellular and the synaptic level. They are designed, then, to deal with issues related to the central nervous system on the cellular and synaptic level. Important things to know when we think about drug therapy is how these medications affect people.

For each individual medication, what is the effect it has on people? Second, different symptoms require different medication. You can’t just start throwing medications at someone and say, “Well, let’s throw stuff at the wall until something sticks.” Different symptoms require different medications, and you need to know which symptoms require which medications.

Specific medications act in a very specific way, and you need to know the specific ways that particular medication works before it’s administered or applied. Then you need to know how to administer that particular medication, what is the best form of introducing it? Orally, intravenously, whatever it may be.

What’s the best way, and how is that particular drug administered? Then finally, you need to know about potential side effects. As people take these things, you’re taking them to deal with one set of symptoms, but it may introduce a second set of things and you need to know that ahead of time as well.

Well this has just been a basic introduction an overview of drug therapy as it relates to helping psychiatric patients. Remember psychopharmacological treatments are usually used in conjunction with counseling and behavior modification. These drugs work on the nervous system on the cellular and synaptic level, and that there’s important things to know about each one.



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