Medical Drug Side Effects Mnemonics-NCLEX Review

Medical Drug Side Effects Mnemonics – NCLEX Review

After graduating from nursing school, those who wish to continue into the nursing field must pass the NCLEX-RN exam in order to become a fully licensed nurse. The NCLEX-RN exam is an adaptive exam meaning that the exam is adaptive to the test-taker’s ability level. If you do well on most of the difficult questions, then you will be presented with a more difficult question.

You can also expect to answer as few as 75 questions or as many as 265 questions within a 6 hour period. Candidates who do not pass their first attempt of the NCLEX-RN exam may attempt to retake the exam after a 45 day waiting period.

The NCLEX-RN exam can be difficult for many nursing candidates. The NCLEX-RN exam consists of 4 different sections; one of which contains pharmacology. Pharmacology can be difficult, and it can be even more difficult to remember all of the side effects that come along with the numerous medications that are available for patients. That’s why we have compiled a video of drug side effects mnemonics to help you remember the side effects of many drugs.

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