Chemical Solutions


The concept of solvent and solute is applicable to solids, liquids, and gases. I want to take a look at the definition of a solution and what makes up a solution. First of all, you have a solvent, which is a host substance. When you think of “host”, you think of something else coming over.

You think of a solute, which goes into the solvent. The solvent is the host substance for the solute, which is a substance that can be dissolved in the solvent. Think about salt and water. Water would be the solvent and the solute would be salt, because you can put salt in water and the salt will dissolve in the water.

When you have a solute dissolve in the solvent it becomes a solution. The solution would just be a salty-tasting water. There is no longer salt just sitting on the bottom. It’s mixed into the water. A solution is a mixture with same composition made of two or more substances.

When you see “composition” right there, that means it’s one substance. You don’t have salt and water in the glass anymore. You just have salty-tasting water. That’s why it says the mixture is the same composition, but it’s made of two or more substances. Water and salt together makes up the two substances.

Then, there’s something called a saturated solution. That’s a solution with the maximum amount of solute. At some point, when you’re putting a solute in a solvent, the solute will stop being dissolved in the solvent. You can only put so much in the solvent.

A saturated solution is when you’ve put so much solute in the solvent that if you put any more solute in the solvent no more of the solute will be dissolved. I hope this is making sense for you. Saturated solution is at the point where all of the solute has been dissolved in the solvent.

If you put any more solute in there, that solute would not be dissolved. Then, there’s also a heterogeneous mixture. That’s a solution that contains an unequal distribution of solvents and the solution. To review, a solvent is a host substance for the solute. The salute and the solvent together form the solution. Those are the important points to remember.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: August 21, 2019