Chemistry Review

For aspiring healthcare professionals taking a test or exam pertaining to chemistry, Mometrix has prepared a free library of review videos designed to offer general overviews and discussions of the following chemistry topics and concepts: Basics, Atoms, Ions, and Molecules, Macromolecules, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonds, Compounds, Shapes and Different Forms, States of Matter, Physical and Chemical Properties, Temperature, Acids and Bases, Gases and Pressure, Thermodynamics, Chemical Equations, Chemical Reactions, Equilibrium and more.

These videos offer test takers an effective study tool to refresh their knowledge and understanding of chemistry concepts. When used in combination with Mometrix’s free library of study resources, such as examination-specific practice tests, you will be equipped with the tools you need to succeed.




Atoms, Ions, and Molecules




Periodic Table


Chemical Bonds




Shapes and Different Forms


States of Matter


Physical and Chemical Properties




Acids and Bases


Gases and Pressure




Chemical Equations




Chemical Reactions


Instruments, Methodology, and Calculations


Organic Chemistry




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