Physical and Chemical Properties of Methane

Chemical Properties of Methane

Chemical Properties of Methane

We’re going to take a look at two of the chemical properties of methane and four of the uses of methane. Starting out with the chemical properties, we start out with combustion. Methane can produce a lot of heat. With methane, it’s going to burn air with a blue flame.

Methane, like I said, produces a good amount of heat. That is why it is used as a fuel. It produces all that heat when it undergoes combustion. When you have a lot of heat, you can use it as fuel. With reactivity, methane is pretty much unreactive.

What that means is that it’s going to be- it’s not going to really react, except if it’s with fluorine, chlorine, etc. With those chemicals it’s going to undergo substitution reactions. Methane has four uses I want to go over. First is as a cooking gas.

You can probably guess why it’s used as a cooking gas, because it has an excellent burning capability. The second use is to produce carbon dioxide in gas form. The third use is to produce carbon black. Carbon black is used in rubber production.

Finally, the fourth use is as a starting material for other organic compounds. It’s used as a starting material for these other organic compounds, such as methyl chloride, methylene dichloride, and chloroform.



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