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A well-trained chorus needs an equally well-trained teacher to direct it. The proper chorus instructor is not only knowledgeable in music, but also in how choirs are meant to work and how to lead them so they are able to perform at their best possible level. Taking on this job requires years of education, which you have likely undergone if you are on this page. Now the state of Washington requires you to prove you’ve gained all the necessary skills by passing the WEST Music: Choral exam.


The Music: Choral exam is just one of many subject tests under the WEST (Washington Educator Skills Tests) umbrella. As a whole, the WEST exam is designed to assess whether incoming teachers in the state have picked up all the skills they will need in order to properly lead their future classrooms.

The Music: Choral exam lasts for approximately two hours and 15 minutes. Within this time span, you will have to complete 110 questions. Each question on the test is multiple choice, and focuses on one of five subjects relevant to your chosen subject. These subjects include Music and Other Disciplines (15 percent); Aural Skills (20 percent); Music Creation and Performance (30 percent); Music History and Culture (15 percent); and Music Theory (20 percent).

The Mometrix Test Preparation team cares about your success, and wants to provide you with every tool possible to help you score well on this important exam. That’s why we’ve developed our WEST Music: Choral practice test, which you will find on this page. We have conducted careful research to ensure our practice test is as accurate to the real thing as possible. As such, our practice test closely matches what you will find on test day in terms of structure and content.

We also offer a WEST Music: Choral study guide for those looking for extra study help. Regardless of which of our tools you decide to use, we hope they will fit well into your study plan. Good luck, and work hard!

WEST Music: Choral Study Guide

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