The California Subject Examinations for Teachers, or CSET, was developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The tests were designed for those individuals wishing to become teachers of certain subjects in the state of California. There are multiple parts of the program that aid the candidates in meeting certification requirements.

There is the basic skills requirement, which is met by passing the 3 subtests of the multiple subjects and writing skills test. The next requirement is the subject matter competence requirement. For any candidate that need to meet the subject matter requirements for a multiple subject teaching credential must pass the CSET: Multiple Subjects subtest. For those applying for one particular subject, or for an education specialist credential; you must pass the appropriate exam for your subject of interest.

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For candidates that must satisfy the No Child Left Behind subject requirement, the requirements are the same as those for the subject matter requirement. The multiple subjects require that subtest, and the specific subjects require their respective subtests.

The educational technology requirement is met by taking the only exam currently approved to satisfy the requirement, the CSET: Preliminary Educational Technology exam. This exam is only for those out-of-state candidates requiring credentials in the state of California. This exam fulfills the basic requirements for educational technology as required for the multiple subjects section or the appropriate subject in which the individual is seeking credentials.

The last requirement is for those who wish to acquire the proper credentials to be a bilingual educator. They must prove their competence by taking the CSET: World Languages subtest, along with other valid exams that can help demonstrate their knowledge.

The tests themselves measure the candidate’s knowledge in comparison to a set standard. It is not in relation to how fellow candidates score. Each of the subtests of CSET are designed to measure specific knowledge and skills of the respective subject. The test materials were developed using many forms of media, state standards, and other programs. To aid you in your quest for credentials, Mometrix Academy has provided the following list of free CSET practice test questions. More subtests will be added as they are developed. We also have many other test prep materials such as CSET flashcards and a CSET study guide for all of the sections. See the links below for more details.

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