CSET Multiple Subject Education Practice Test

It’s no secret that the United States takes the role of educators seriously. That’s why every state requires incoming teachers to take an official standardized test; its purpose is to ensure incoming teachers have gained all the necessary capabilities for the job. In the state of California, that test is the CSET, otherwise known as the California Educator Credentialing Assessments.


Because teachers specialize in a diverse range of subjects, the CSET splits off into numerous subject tests to match every possible field. If you’re on this page, it’s likely you plan to teach elementary school students and, as such, will need to have broad knowledge in every core subject. This means you’ll soon be facing the CSET Multiple Subject Education exam.

Taking this exam is a significant step toward beginning your teaching career. We understand the gravity of this exam and, while it’s okay to feel nervous, we’re here to ease your worries! On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about the CSET Multiple Subject Education test, as well as our best resources to help you as you study. Keep reading for a crash course on everything related to the CSET Multiple Subject Education exam.

How the Exam Works

One of the first things test takers want to know before the big day is how the exam will be structured. In the case of the CSET Multiple Subject Education exam, there are a total of 154 questions split across three distinct subtests. The exam is also computer-based, so you won’t have to worry about bringing in a pencil and paper. This exam is also timed. Subtests I and II both have time limits of three hours each. You will have slightly less time to complete Subtest III—two hours, 15 minutes, to be precise. All in all, you should expect to spend five full hours working on the exam.

Questions on the CSET Multiple Subject Education exam will generally fall under one of two categories. The first is known as “constructed-response,” which is very similar in format to a short essay question. The second category is the standard multiple choice question format. Each subtest has its own unique set of constructed-response and multiple choice questions. Subtests I and II both contain four questions under the constructed-response category and 52 questions under the multiple choice category. Subtest III is a bit shorter, with three questions requiring constructed responses and 39 questions in multiple choice format.

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About the Exam’s Content

Each subtest not only contains its own set of questions, but also its own knowledge categories or, as they’re officially known, “domains.” Subtest I has two domains: History and Social Science, and Reading, Language, and Literature. Subtest II’s domains are Mathematics and Science. Subtest III has the largest amount of domains: Visual and Performing Arts, Human Development, and Physical Education. Below we will go into a bit more detail on each of these domains:

  • History and Social Science (two constructed-response questions and 26 multiple choice questions) centers on your comprehension of United States history and world history, as well as how to present these timelines and concepts to a young student audience.
  • Reading, Language, and Literature (two constructed-response questions and 26 multiple choice questions) focuses on your comprehension of how students acquire language skills, how to teach the process of writing to young students, how to help young students develop literacy, and similar subjects.
  • Mathematics (two constructed-response questions and 26 multiple choice questions) deals with an array of subjects typically taught to young learners, as well as how to best lead classroom guidance and instruction on these subjects. This section is one of the few where you will be allowed to use a calculator. You will not be expected or permitted to bring a calculator from home; rather, you will be provided with a calculator at your testing center of choice. This calculator will be presented on-screen and provide basic arithmetic functions.
  • The Science section (two constructed-response questions and 26 multiple choice questions) involves your understanding of biology, physics, earth sciences, astronomy, and chemistry, as well as how to convey these concepts to students with no prior experience in these subjects. You will also be able to use a calculator in this portion of the exam.
  • Visual and Performing Arts (one constructed-response question and 13 multiple choice questions) involves your understanding of visual arts, dance, theatre, and music, in addition to teaching young students how to develop their creative skills in these areas.
  • Human Development (one constructed-response question and 13 multiple choice questions) centers on how children develop linguistically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. This subject can help you to better understand how to engage with your future students.
  • Last but not least, the main focus of the Physical Education (one constructed-response question and 13 multiple choice questions) section lies in fitness, health, physical activity, and how to constructively and informatively incorporate each of these elements into one’s daily curriculum.

The Scoring Process

In order to pass the CSET Multiple Subject Education exam, you must earn a minimum of 220 points on every subtest. This comes to 660 points total. You should receive your official scores five weeks after your chosen testing date. Your scores will also automatically be sent to any institutions you selected during your registration process, as well as the  CTC.

Retesting is available if you are unhappy with your score; however, there are certain restrictions. You cannot take a retest until 45 days after your original testing date. This rule also applies if you took each subtest separately; no matter which subtest you’re retaking, you cannot reschedule until 45 days after your first testing date. You will also have to complete the entire registration process again.

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How to Sign Up

The registration process for the CSET Multiple Subject Education exam takes place entirely online. To start off, you must either register for an account on the CTC Exam website, or sign in if you already have one. From there, you must select the CSET testing program; choose which exam you would like to take; select the institutions you would like to have your results be sent to, as well as whether you would like to have your results sent to you via email; fill out a survey about your background; read and accept the rules for taking the exam; pay for your test; and choose the date you will be testing. You will also have the chance to make alternative arrangements, should you need them. Once this process is all finished, you will receive a confirmation email.

You can register at any time of the day, any day of the week. However, it is recommended that you register well ahead of your planned testing date to ensure you can be processed in time and secure the date you want.

You have the option to sign up for a specific subtest, or to take each subtest on the same day. Taking each subtest on the same day costs a $247 fee. Individual subtests cost $99.

Craft the Best Study Approach

Preparing for this important exam takes time, discipline and, last but not least, the right study tools to help deepen your understanding of the material. We want to ensure you have the best possible resources to prepare for the CSET Multiple Subject Education exam. Below you will find three tools we have specially crafted for your use:

CSET Multiple Subject Education Flashcards, for those who prefer quick, repetition-based learning; and

CSET Multiple Subject Education Study Guide, for those who want a crash course, all-in-one guide on how to approach studying for the exam.

We care about your success. As such, we’ve taken the utmost care and time to develop these tools so they are as accurate and as thorough as possible. We hope they will serve you well as you study for the CSET exam. Good luck!

Subtest III has a total of 42 questions, three of which are constructed-response and 39 of which are multiple choice. It covers three relevant subjects: Visual and Performing Arts, Human Development, and Physical Education. Subtest II features 56 questions. Four of them are constructed-response, 52 are multiple choice, and they all relate to Mathematics and Science. Subtest I has the same amount of questions as Subtest II, but deals with History and Social Science; and Reading, Language, and Literature.

While this exam may sound intimidating to deal with, the Mometrix Test Preparation team wants to assure you that you have nothing to fear! We’re here to provide you with all the necessary tools to help you prepare to the best of your ability. That’s why we’ve published our CSET Multiple Subjects practice test, which you’ll find on this page. We recommend it to anyone looking to familiarize themselves with the actual test’s contents, as our practice test is meant to perfectly mirror what you’ll find on the real exam.

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