In 1995, the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation, or OCTP, was developed in response to the House Bill 1549 being created. The OCTP is now referred to as the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability, or OEQA; however, their goal has not changed: to create and apply a competency-based educator testing system. To ensure this happened, the OEQA created the CEOE exams. These exams being: the Oklahoma General Education Test, or OGET; the Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination, or OPTE; as well as the Oklahoma Subject Area Tests, or OSAT.

The Oklahoma Subject Area Tests, or OSAT tests, are a battery of Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators, or CEOE exams, designed to measure a prospective teacher’s knowledge and ability to teach their respective field as well as maintain order in the classroom. How America’s children are educated is a key factor in determining the future of this country. These tests ensure that only qualified teachers are in charge of our nation’s youth. The tests cover a wide variety of subjects that schools across Oklahoma offer. The tests also ensure that many other school positions are held by qualified individuals. Positions such as: Principal; School Counselor; as well as School Psychologist.

These Oklahoma teacher certification tests can be difficult. We at Mometrix have crafted a series of practice tests that will assist you in passing the OSAT tests and starting your future career!

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Use the free OSAT practice test questions below to get a better understanding of the OSAT exam. Take advantage of this valuable resource to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.


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