AEPA Principal Practice Test

The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment, or AEPA, Principal exam consists of two main subtests. Each of these subtests have their own unique topics. Both subtests are broken down into two sections: (1) Selected-response and (2) Constructed-response items.


Subtest 1 covers topics such as Visionary Leadership, Collaboration, and Educational Contexts; as well as Fiscal and Operational Management and Legal/Ethical Guidelines. The Selected-response section will cover 60 percent of the subtest, while the Constructed-response questions will make up the remaining 40 percent.

Subtest 2’s sections are similarly broken down; however, the content is different. The content area of Subtest 2 is Instructional and Organizational Leadership. Test-takers are allotted three and a half hours for each subtest. Each subtest is made up of 50 Selected-response questions, as well as 2 Constructed-response questions. To help you succeed on both subtests, we have created the AEPA Principal practice test.

AEPA Principal Study Guide

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