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To become a certified educator, it is crucial to take and pass the state licensure exam in the state you wish to practice in. If you wish to be a teacher in Ohio, the state’s Department of Education requires you to pass the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) Exam.

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What is the OAE Exam for Elementary Education?

The Ohio Assessment for Educators Exam, or OAE Exam, is administered by Pearson VUE and authorized by the Ohio Department of Education. The OAE offers several assessments available depending on the general or specific licensure area and grade level you will be teaching for.

The OAE Exam for Elementary Education is specifically for those who already hold a valid license to teach in Ohio and wish to expand their covered content areas to be able to teach more subjects at the elementary level. Those encouraged to take this exam are covered by these endorsement areas and grade levels:

  • Early Childhood Generalist: This endorsement allows Early Childhood Education (Pre-K – Grade 3) license holders to teach all core academic content areas in Grades 4 and 5.
  • Middle Childhood Generalist: This endorsement allows Middle Childhood Education (Grades 4 – 9) license holders to teach one or two additional content areas for Grades 4 to 6. They may choose from Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

The exam is criterion-referenced and standards-based, meaning that it measures your competency based on your knowledge and skills relative to established criteria. This assessment—along with all others offered by the OAE—is aligned with Ohio standards, including Ohio Educational Preparation Standards, Ohio Educator Standards, and Ohio Student Standards.

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OAE Elementary Education Exam Outline

You may take the OAE Exam for Elementary Education as either a computer-based test (CBT) or an online-proctored test. Both tests begin with a tutorial and an explanation of the nondisclosure agreement. The CBT allots 15-30 minutes for this part, while the online-proctored test only allots 15 minutes. This time is not included in the overall examination time.

The OAE Exam for Elementary Education will test your knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of concepts. The exam consists of two subtests, both with 75 multiple choice items to be answered within a 1.5-hour time limit. This gives you a total of three hours to answer a 150-item exam if you choose to take both subtests at the same time. The two subtests are divided into five subject domains.

Subtest I (Field 018)

Subtest I evaluates the domains of Reading and English Language Arts and Social Studies.

Reading and English Language Arts: This domain covers 68% of Subtest I and assesses your understanding of the following:

  • Foundations of language development and emergent literacy
  • Development of phonics, word analysis, spelling, and fluency
  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary skills
  • Literary, informational, persuasive, and functional texts, and graphic sources
  • Processes, conventions, and modes of written and oral communication

Social Studies: This domain covers 32% of Subtest I and assesses your understanding of the following:

  • Fundamental concepts related to government and economics
  • Fundamental concepts and major developments related to US and world history
  • Fundamental concepts related to geography and methods of social studies inquiry

Subtest II (Field 019)

Subtest II covers three domains: Mathematics, Science, and the Arts, Health, and Fitness.

Mathematics: This domain covers 50% of Subtest II and assesses your understanding of the following:

  • Concepts of numeration, number sense, and mathematical operations
  • Mathematical reasoning and problem-solving, communication and representation, and data analysis
  • Basic concepts of patterns, algebra, and functions
  • Basic concepts of geometry and measurement

Science: This domain covers 38% of Subtest II and assesses your understanding of the following:

  • Fundamental concepts of the life sciences
  • Fundamental concepts of the physical, Earth, and space sciences
  • The nature of science and the processes of scientific inquiry

The Arts, Health, and Fitness: This domain covers 12% of Subtest II and assesses your understanding of the basic elements of the arts and fundamental concepts of health and fitness.

exam outline for the OAE elementary education exam, which contains two subtests with 75 questions each and a time limit of 90 minutes

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Registering for the OAE Elementary Education Exam

Before you register for the exam, make sure to review and abide by the testing rules and policies to avoid any issues before, during, and after your examination. Both types of exams are administered via a computer so you don’t need to bring any additional items that you usually would for a written assessment.

The regular fee for the exam is $105 for a single subtest for CBT-based exams. For online proctoring, the fee for a single subset is $56. These fees can be paid through the OAE’s online payment platform.

Taking the Computer-based Test

If you opt to take the CBT, you may choose to take only one or both subtests at the same time. The exam is done by appointment for the whole year on a first-come, first-served basis. You can visit the affiliated Pearson website and search for testing centers near your location with their available examination schedules. Make sure to input “OH702” in the seat search availability tool to find schedules for the OAE for Elementary Education.

Taking the Online Test

If you opt for online proctoring, you may only take one subtest per session. You must book an appointment with an online proctor during a one-week testing window every month. You may view the available test weeks and register through the OAE website. Online proctoring will allow you to take the exam remotely, whether from your own home or somewhere else aside from a testing center.

Preparing for the OAE Elementary Education Exam

The OAE Elementary Education exam is specifically designed to identify the subject areas that teachers should know in order to expand their teaching abilities. To ensure you are prepared, we have designed our Mometrix study materials to provide you with everything you need to review these specific subject areas.

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How long is the OAE Elementary Education exam?


The OAE Elementary Education exam has a time limit of 90 minutes per subtest.


How many questions are on the OAE Elementary Education exam?


There are 150 questions on the exam, split between two subtests (each subtest contains 75 questions).


When will I receive my OAE score results?


Generally, you will receive your score report around two to three weeks from the exam date.

Those who took the CBT will receive a receipt of completion at the conclusion of their test center appointment while those who took an online-proctored assessment will not receive a receipt of completion.


What is the minimum passing score for the OAE Elementary Education exam?


The minimum passing score for the OAE Exam is 220.

Each correct answer you get in the exam is equivalent to one point, and incorrect answers get no points. Since the OAE Exam for Elementary Education is only composed of multiple-choice items, the final raw score transformed on a scale from 100 to 300. The scaled passing score for the exam is 220 or higher.

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