Praxis Core Tests

Anyone hoping to embark on a teaching career will need to overcome several hurdles along the way, and one of the main obstacles is the Praxis Core tests. Most colleges and universities require a passing score on this set of tests for admission to their teacher education programs, and in most states a passing score is required in order to be certified as a school teacher. The Praxis Core should not be confused with Praxis tests, which are tests in specific subjects. The Praxis Core Tests, also known as the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), are a test of the broad academic skills a person will need in order to earn a college degree in education.

Praxis Core Administration

The Praxis Core was created and is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and meets the standards put forth by the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCR), and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

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What are the Praxis Core Tests?

The Praxis Core tests allows you to prove you have the skills and knowledge you will need for your teacher education program. In the early stages of your college education, your school will have you take the Praxis ETS Core exam in order to evaluate your skills and knowledge. Also, your state may use your Praxis Core exam scores as part of your state license application.

What is on the Praxis Core tests?

The Praxis Core tests are computerized exams that will assess your skills in three areas: reading, mathematics, and writing.

The reading test has 56 selected-response questions and covers three areas: key ideas and details; craft, structure, and language skills; and integration of knowledge and ideas. You will have 85 minutes to complete the reading section.

The mathematics test has 56 selected-response questions and covers four areas: number and quantity; algebra and functions; geometry; and statistics and probability. An on-screen calculator is available. You will have 85 minutes to complete the mathematics section.

The writing test has 40 selected-response questions and two essays, and covers two areas: text types, purposes, and production; and language and research skills for writing. You will have 100 minutes to complete the writing section.

The Praxis Core tests total 152 questions and 2 essays for you to complete in 300 minutes (5 hours). The Praxis Core is a necessary stepping-stone on your teaching career path and it is vitally important to be fully prepared for the exam. You will find many videos and practice tests here at Mometrix Academy that can give you an edge on test day.

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Praxis Core Exam PLNE

The Praxis Core exams are available only in English. If English is not your first language, you may be able to register as a Primary Language is not English (PLNE) test taker. This qualifies you to have a 50 percent extended testing time. Contact ETS to apply for this time extension. Check with your potential test centers as there may be some test center restrictions.


The Praxis Core reading test will test your ability to read, summarize, and express your opinion about a provided passage. The subject matter will come from real-life situations. The passages will come from different mediums, both electronic and print, such as newspapers, magazines, novels, and videos. You will be asked questions about the content of the passage. You will not be required to have knowledge or provide information from outside of the passage.

The reading test is divided into three areas:

  1. Key ideas and details
  2. Craft, structure, and language skills
  3. Integration of knowledge and ideas

Key ideas and details

After you have carefully read the passage, you will be asked to identify and show understanding of the main theme; and analyze and explain how the details support the main theme. You will also be asked to note any inconsistencies or uncertainties you may come across in the author’s writing.

Craft, structure, and language skills

After reading a passage, you will be asked to analyze the author’s chosen words, sentence structure, detail relationships, point of view, organization of theme development, and word context and nuances.

Integration of knowledge and ideas

You will be asked to analyze content presented in different media formats, both visual and textual. Evaluate the author’s argument. Do his statements support his position? You will also be given two passages on the same topic. They will be presented in two different media formats and by two different authors. You will be asked to analyze the differences and comparables.

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The Praxis Core mathematics test focuses on key mathematical concepts and problem-solving. An on-screen calculator will be available.

The mathematics test of the Praxis Core is divided into four areas:

  1. Number and quantity
  2. Algebra and functions
  3. Geometry
  4. Statistics and probability

Number and quantity

You will be tested on your basic understanding of integers, ratios, fractions, exponents, and quantities.

Algebra and functions

You will be tested on your basic understanding of algebra and expressing understanding of different mathematical expressions, such as verbal/symbolic expressions/graphs. You will problem-solve using real-life algebraic equations, as well as interpreting and building functions.


You will be tested on your understanding and ability to analyze geometric shapes. You will draw and explain geometrical triangles, circles, surface area, volume, the Pythagorean Theorem, and modeling. Knowledge of U.S. standard measurement and metric measurement is assumed.

Statistics and probability

You will be tested on your ability to interpret data and show how it corresponds to graphs. You will then summarize, draw conclusions, and make decisions based on your conclusions.


The Praxis Core writing test will test your understanding and usage of standard written English conventions.

The writing test of the Praxis Core exam is divided into two areas:

  1. Text types, purposes, and production
  2. Language and research skills for writing

Text types, purposes, and production

In this section, you will be asked to write an essay for argumentative and for informative writing. For your essays, you will need to support your opinions on provided topics using detailed evidence and information. You will show your ability to identify your audience, organize the development of your ideas, have a clear message, and use proper English standards.

Language and research skills for writing

In this section, you will be tested on your English writing conventions skills. You will read a passage and then identify grammatical errors, improper sentence structure, incorrect word choice, and errors in mechanics (capitalization, punctuation). You will also show your ability to identify different types of research strategies apparent in the passage.


The purpose of the Praxis Core test essays is for you show you understand the relationship between a main idea and its important details, as well as defining and using evidence to support your own findings. You will prove your ability to understand a point of view or a topic and how to use evidence, reasoning, and style to support your interpretations. Your essay should be organized, precise, and should use proper style and tone, as well as proper English conventions.

Essays and short-answer questions are types of constructed-response questions. When writing your essays for the Praxis Core, read the questions carefully as there may be several parts to each question. Be very thorough in your answers and provide as much detail as possible. Also, keep the main point or opinion of your essay very clear and make sure all of your information is supportive.

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Exam Scores

The Praxis Core tests total 152 questions and 2 essays. Each right multiple-choice question is worth 1 point. You will not be penalized for guessing an answer; however, an omitted answer will be graded the same as a wrong answer.

Constructed-response questions, or essays, are graded very carefully by educated professionals who are supervised by and have been trained by ETS to ensure the essays are graded fairly and accurately. Two people will grade your essays on a point system from 1 to 6, and their combined scores will be your final essay mark.

Some versions of the Praxis Core tests are more difficult than others. Once your score has been totaled, it will be converted to a scaled score to allow for these differences of difficulty between test versions. Individual colleges determine their own passing grade. Check with your college to confirm your school’s passing grade.

You will receive an email when your scores are available for viewing on your ETS online account. This will be approximately two to three weeks after your test date. Also on your online account, you can list, for free, four of the institutions you would like to send your scores to. Your score report will stay on your online account for up to one year. Make a copy of your score report for your files.

Praxis Core Registration

You can register for the Praxis Core Exams online or by mail, or by phone if you have an ETS online account:

  • For online registration, you can pay with a debit or credit card, or by PayPal. Once completed, print off your admission ticket and bring it with you to your test.
  • For mailing your registration, go to the ETS website and print and fill out the Test Authorization Voucher Request. In approximately three weeks, a voucher and registration instructions will be mailed to you.
  • For registration by telephone, you must be testing at a U.S. Prometric Testing Center. Be sure to call at least three days before your desired test date. There is a $35 charge for calling and you can pay with a debit or credit card.

You can register for one, two, or all three Praxis Core tests. Individually, the reading, writing, and mathematics tests cost $90. If you register to take all three sections at one time, you can do so for $150.

Test Centers and Dates

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has made the Praxis Core exams available year-round at Prometric Testing Centers. Some Prometric Testing Centers are situated in Sylvan Learning Centers, and in many colleges and universities. The Prometric Testing Centers are available in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. To find a Prometric Testing Center near you, visit the ETS Test Centers search page.

The international Prometric Testing Centers are for Praxis Core certification for only American employment or education. Contact the Praxis program at ETS if you are unable to find a Prometric Testing Center near you. The ETS will find your closest Prometric Testing Center and register you; however, you may need to travel long-distance to take the test.

Test Day

The regulations and procedures for test day at Prometric Testing Centers are very strict. If you do not follow the regulations and procedures you can be asked to leave and you won’t be able to take your Praxis Core exam. Be at the Prometric Testing Center half an hour before your test is scheduled to begin. There are procedures to follow beforehand and you must allow time for these. If you are late for your test, you will not be able to take it.

  • You must sign in before the test and sign out after the test.
  • Bring valid identification with you that has your photograph, signature, and your full name.
  • Electronic devices are not permitted in the test room. This include phones, watches, and cameras. You will be assigned a locker for you to store your personal belongings during the test.
  • You cannot leave the test center building for the duration of the test.
  • You will be assigned your seat and you cannot leave your seat during the test.
  • You will be provided paper and pen, even for computerized tests. Leave your personal paper and pens in your locker.

This is an overview of the Prometric Testing Center regulations and procedures. Visit the ETS Praxis program website for a full outline of what you need to do on test day.

The Praxis Core tests are an important step on your journey to becoming a teacher. Your Praxis Core exam scores will determine your future as a teacher. Mometrix can help you pass the exams by helping you study. Use the Mometrix exam study guide, Praxis Core exam practice test, flashcards, and video tutorials to help you get closer to becoming a teacher.

Praxis Core Study Guide

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