Get started on the path to your new teaching career.

The road to becoming a certified teacher in the state of Georgia is both thrilling and challenging. Passing one of the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) is a significant milestone on this path.

This comprehensive exam series assesses prospective educators’ skills and knowledge required to teach effectively in Georgia public schools.

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What is the GACE Test?

The The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators are used to measure a candidate’s knowledge and skills that are required in the state of Georgia to become an educator in the state’s public schools. The tests are administered by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC).

GACE Eligibility

To be eligible to take a GACE test, you must request approval from the educator preparation program you are attending. Each of the different GACE assessment types has slightly different eligibility requirements.

Types of GACE Tests

There are currently five types of GACE tests.

  • Content: Content assessments are used to test your knowledge in one specific certification area. In some of the subjects, there are two or more assessments available.
  • Certification Upgrade: These assessments are used to evaluate the critical thinking ability of individuals wanting to serve in educational fields by testing the knowledge of upgraded technology advancements, curriculum instructional methods, and resources.
  • Educational Leadership: This assessment is designed for candidates wanting to serve in educational leadership roles.
  • Georgia Ethics: This is a required assessment for all prospective teachers in the state of Georgia. The assessment has a primary focus on professional decision-making and behavior concerning the relationships between educators and students, educators and coworkers, educators and the administrative staff, and educators and the communities they work in.
  • Paraprofessional: The paraprofessional assessment is used to assess pertinent skills and knowledge and determines your ability to work in classroom instruction. Specifically, it focuses on reading, writing, and mathematical skills.

What’s on a GACE Test?

Question Types

The majority of the questions on the GACE assessments are selected-response or multiple-choice, while others may be constructed-response. Some of the tests contain both constructed-response and selected-response questions.

Time Limit and Number of Questions

The number of questions on each test varies between 90 and 160, and you will generally have about 2.5 hours to finish the test. The combined tests covering the content of two assessments will provide you with a 5-hour time limit.

The only test that does not have a time limit is the Teacher Leadership test.

GACE Registration

To register for a GACE test, you will first need to visit the ETS website and create a GACE account. You can register for your test using this account.


When you register for your test, you will need to pay the applicable testing fee, which varies depending on the test.

Single Content Exams$123
Combined Content Exams$193
Certificate Upgrade$193
Educational Leadership$193


GACE Refunds

If you cancel your testing appointment at least three days before your scheduled appointment you will be given a partial refund. All refund payments will be credited to the original payment source.

GACE Scores

The GACE assessments have scaled scores ranging from 100 to 300.

The required scores for passing differ if you are taking an induction-level exam or a professional-level exam.

  • Induction-Level – a minimum score of 220 to pass
  • Professional-level – a minimum score of 250 to pass

The detailed assessment of your scores on the exam will include a Passed or Not Passed status. The results will also show whether you passed at the induction level or the professional level.

The availability of scores for the GACE exams will depend on which type of assessment you have taken. All of the results for the examinations can be viewed on your page in your GACE account.

If the assessment exam you take has only selected-response questions, then you will be able to see an unofficial score immediately following the exam. Your official score will be ready within 7 to 28 days after the completion of the exam.

Retaking the Test

It is possible to retake a GACE assessment. There is a mandatory 30-day waiting period after you complete an assessment before you can register for another attempt. You must complete the entire registration process, assessment, and payments each time you take one of the tests.

If you are taking the ethics assessments, you are given five attempts to pass before you have to register or pay another testing fee. This applies only to these end-of-module GACE assessments.

By Eric Richter

Eric is the Product Development Manager responsible for developing and updating the Mometrix Teacher Certification and K-12 products. Eric has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s of education in Teaching ESOL.


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