GACE Curriculum and Instruction Practice Test (300)

In order to teach any grade level in Georgia – from preschool to 12th grade – you must take and pass the GACE Curriculum and Instruction exam. This exam will test your ability to develop an effective curriculum and assess students as learners. This assessment is for aspiring teachers who have already completed an educator preparation program approved by the State of Georgia.


You are given two hours and 45 minutes to complete the 103 questions on the GACE Curriculum and Instruction exam, three of which require you to construct your own response. The test is broken out into six subareas: curriculum and instruction, research, students as learners, assessment and professional practices. The final subarea – analysis – requires you to construct answers to three questions. This subarea accounts for 25% of your final score.

You will be tested on your ability to design and refine a curriculum, use resources and research to promote student learning, understand the factors that influence learning, how to teach students with diverse needs, use professional development and rigorous standards to help students continuously learn, and use assessment and feedback appropriately in order to improve the learning experience for students.

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