GACE English Practice Test (020, 021, & 520)

While we may speak English as our native language, teaching and learning all the aspects of English is no easy task. It encompasses reading, writing, speaking and listening. At the high school level, these elements are more advanced, focusing on world literature, various modes of writing ad analytical skills. Before you can teach English to 6–12 grade students in Georgia, one of your final steps will be to pass the GACE English exam.


The GACE English exam consists of two tests. You can opt to take them at the same time or at separate times. Each test is two hours long and consists of 67 questions. Two of these questions require you to formulate your own response. Test I consists of three subareas: reading for literature, writing and analysis. You will be tested on your knowledge of literature from all over the world, particularly works geared toward young adults. You should also be aware of the various authors and contexts, as well as various literary genres, literary elements and figurative language. For the writing subarea, expect to know how to teach elements of clear writing, understand ethical principles and evaluate the work of students.

There are four subareas in Test II: reading for information, speaking and listening, language and analysis. You will be tested on your ability to comprehend and analyze text, understand the use of rhetoric, evaluate arguments, deliver presentations, use grammar appropriately, use research materials and analyze various ideas presented in texts.

To help you prepare for your test, consider taking the GACE English practice test. It’s free to use and can quickly gauge your knowledge in certain areas. Maximize your study time and improve your test score by investing in the GACE English study guide created by the Mometrix Test Prep Team.

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