MTEL Early Childhood (02) Exam

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) Exam measures a candidate’s knowledge of their chosen field and is aligned with the Massachusetts educator licensure regulations and standards. Each candidate must pass the Communication and Literacy Skills test and the subject matter test in their area of expertise to receive


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Test design

The Early Childhood exam is a four-hour, computer-based test (CBT) consisting of four subareas. Subareas one through three consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and subarea four contains two open-response assignments. You will have 15 minutes to become familiar with the delivery method, and you must achieve a score of 240 to pass the exam.

The testing subareas are:

  • Subarea I: Knowledge of Child Development – 25% of the test.
    • Understand child development from prenatal through early elementary.
    • Understand child development and learning in students with disabling conditions or exceptionalities.
  • Subarea II: Knowledge of Children’s Literature and the Writing Process – 15% of the test.
    • Understand children’s literature, including genres, literary elements, and literary techniques.
    • Understand the principles and concepts of writing for various purposes.
  • Subarea III: Core Knowledge in the Content Areas – 40% of the test.
    • Understand the principles and concepts of mathematics.
    • Understand the principles and concepts of history and social science.
      • Understand the principles and concepts of science and technology/engineering.
  • Subarea IV: Integration of Knowledge and Understanding – 20% of the test.
    • Prepare an organized, developed analysis that relates to child development to two or more of the following:
      • Language Arts
      • Mathematics
      • History and Social Science
      • Science

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Registration, locations, and cost

Registration for the Early Childhood exam occurs online. Testing facilities are located nationwide and can be scheduled Monday through Saturday, some holidays excluded. Options are available for military personnel to utilize military base test centers with proper military identification and authorization.

The test fee of $139.00 is paid using a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card. If you do not have a credit/debit card, arrangements may be made to pay with a personal check.

When you register, make sure you use the name as shown on your identification. Should the names not match, you could be denied entry into the exam, and you will forfeit your registration fee. You will have one year from the time of registration to schedule the testing appointment. After that time, you will have to re-register and pay the fee again.
Plan to arrive at the testing facility 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Your digital signature will be taken, and a digital photograph and/or palm scan may be taken. If you wear glasses, you may be asked to remove them for a visual inspection. You will also have to present one form of government-issued identification, and it must show the name you used to register for the test.

You may not bring in personal items to the testing center, and all necessary supplies for the exam will be provided you. If you have a question or need additional supplies, you must raise your hand for assistance. Failure to adhere to test center rules may result in the cancellation of your test and your registration fee forfeited.


The results of your exam are reported to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and will be automatically added to your licensure file once you apply for your teaching license. If you indicate a Massachusetts educator program at registration, your results will be transmitted to that program.

Your results are based on the number of correct answers in the multiple choice section plus the score you received for the open-response questions. If you fail to complete the open response item, you will not earn any points for that section. Your raw score is converted to a scale that will range from 100 to 300. To pass the exam, you must obtain a score of 240.

Your results will show whether you met the qualifying score, and your general performance on each subarea. Your official results will be available within two weeks of the closing of your testing window.

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Preparing for the MTEL Early Childhood (02) exam

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MTEL Early Childhood Study Guide

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