Praxis Teaching Reading (5204) Practice Test

To become certified to teach reading in the USA, applicants need more than a degree in education. Most states rely on the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Praxis 5204 exam to assess the expertise of aspiring reading teachers. Test takers include new college graduates whose course work emphasized reading instruction as well as experienced educators who seek an additional certification in reading.


How do I register to take the Praxis 5204?

The first step in scheduling the Praxis Teaching Reading exam is to make sure you need to take it. Check with your college’s education department or state board of education to see if you are required to take the Praxis 5204 for reading certification and, if so, what your state considers a passing score.

The ETS website also lists the states that require the 5204 Praxis test for reading certification. If you are required to take the Praxis reading exam, the ETS website will guide you through the registration process. There is a $146 fee for test administration.

Are Accommodations Available?

Test takers seeking accommodations for physical or visual disabilities or for non-native speakers of English can apply for additional testing time or other arrangements on the ETS website. Be prepared to document disabilities and explain the accommodations desired.

When and where is the Praxis 5204 offered?

ETS makes their computerized tests regularly available throughout the year at a variety of locations, including college and university campuses. The ETS website allows you to choose a convenient date and site when you register online for the Teaching Reading exam.

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What is the testing situation like?

Praxis exams are computer-delivered. Testing centers are quiet and carefully monitored. The only items a test taker may bring to a Praxis test are a photo ID and car keys. Pencils or pens, scratch paper, cell phones, calculators, and personal items should be left in a vehicle.

How much time do I have to complete the Praxis Reading exam?

The 5204 test consists of 90 multiple choice and three essay questions to be completed in 2.5 hours.

When will I learn my score?

The Reading test is computerized, so the objective questions are scored immediately. The three essay questions may take up to three weeks to evaluate. ETS sends the final exam score to the test taker and to the state certification agency.

What does the Praxis Teaching Reading exam cover?

The Praxis Teaching Reading exam consists of six sections. Five of these are objective questions, which assess the candidate’s knowledge of

  • Emerging literacy — oral language and letter recognition skills
  • Phonological awareness –how learners relate letter sounds to spelling and reading
  • Phonics – how students associate consonant and vowel sounds to read new words
  • Comprehension and fluency – word recognition as well as insight into how words acquire meaning in the written contexts
  • Vocabulary -expanding word skills through reading and listening

The essay portion of the Praxis 5204 asks test takers to discuss topics concerning instructional techniques and processes, including:

  • The learning environment in a reading class
  • Assessing reading skills
  • Curricula for reading instruction

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How should I study for the Teaching Reading test?

The best way to study for a Praxis exam to assess your strengths and weaknesses, practice answering questions similar to those on the test, and memorize the right answers. Mometrix exam preparation materials guide you from start to finish on your path to achieve your goal of becoming a certified reading teacher.

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