Praxis: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (5411) Practice Test

The Praxis Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (ELAS) exam is intended to test hopeful educators and provide certification and licensure required for them to practice. It contains questions meant to assess a participant’s knowledge around administrative and supervisory requirements for educational settings.

Like all Praxis exams, the ELAS exam is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization.


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How Is the ELAS Exam Administered?

The ELAS exam is administered via computer and participants will have the chance to become familiar with the computer interface on test day, before the exam actually begins.

The ELAS exam allows participants to skip questions and return to them later. But, because the final grade is determined only by the number of correct answers (without penalty for incorrect answers), it is critical that participants return to those questions they may have skipped and select their best possible answer. Ultimately, the requirements for a passing score on the ELAS exam are determined by a participant’s specific state of residence.

Questions on the ELAS exam are formatted in several ways. Participants may be asked to select a response to a question from options that include more than one correct answer, to click on a graphic, to select an answer from a drop-down menu or to drag and drop their selected answers.

How Do I Take the Praxis Educational Leadership Exam and What Should I Bring on Test Day?

Test dates and locations for the ELAS exam vary and participants should sign up for the time and location that best suites them through the ETS website.

Once a participant creates a Praxis account, they can purchase an “admission ticket” for the ELAS exam. They should be sure to bring this ticket with them on their designated testing day. ETS recommends that participants arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time.

Participants must have with them an acceptable and valid identification with their name, signature and photograph.

Participants may not use a calculator during the ELAS exam and should not bring their own pencils or erasers, as these will be supplied by the testing center.

How Is Content on the ELAS Exam Divided?

Participants in the ELAS exam are given two hours total in which to answer the exam’s 110 questions. There are six content areas on the exam, each of which contains its own number of questions and a rough percentage of the entire examination. These areas are broken down as follows, each with several subsections, per ETS:

Vision and Goals (21 questions, 19 percent of the total exam)

  • Vision and goals for teaching and learning
  • Shared commitments to implement vision and goals
  • Continuous improvement toward vision and goals

Teaching and Learning (28 questions, 25 percent of the total exam)

  • Building a professional culture
  • Rigorous curriculum and instruction
  • Assessment and accountability

Managing Organizational Systems and Safety (15 questions, 14 percent of the total exam)

  • Managing operational systems
  • Aligning and obtaining fiscal and human resources
  • Protecting the welfare and safety of students and staff

Collaborating with Key Stakeholders (14 questions, 13 percent of the total exam)

  • Collaborating with families and other community members
  • Community interests and needs
  • Maximizing community resources

Ethics and Integrity (18 questions, 16 percent of the total exam)

  • Ethical and legal behavior
  • Personal values and beliefs
  • High standards for self and others

The Education System (14 questions, 13 percent of the total exam)

  • Professional influence
  • Managing local decisions within the larger educational policy environment

How Can I Get a Great Score on the Praxis Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision Exam?

The ELAS exam is heavily focused on a specific and detailed set of information, attempting to comprehensively quiz participants on all things related to the administration and supervision of educational settings. Because it is focused on such high-level knowledge, test questions come in a variety of formats. Participants are not penalized for incorrect answers.

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