Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) Practice Test

The Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge Exam is designed to evaluate the readiness of potential elementary education teachers to teach various subjects.


This computer-delivered exam is 2.5 hours in length, and includes 140 selected-response and numeric-entry questions. Accommodations are available for individuals with conditions that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Some testing accommodations include small group setting, Braille test materials, large print test materials, ability to take prescription medications with water, hand-held magnifier, and seat cushion.

What are the topics and sub-topics covered on this exam?

There are 4 areas that will be assessed on this exam. The areas are:

  • Reading and Language Arts – 35%
  • Mathematics – 29%
  • Social Studies– 18%
  • Science – 18%

Under the Reading and Language Arts topic, the sub-topics that will be evaluated include reading: foundational skills, reading: literature and informational text, writing, language, and speaking & listening.

Under the Mathematics topic, the sub-topics that will be evaluated, include number and operations, algebraic thinking, geometry & measurement, and data, statistics, & probability.

Under the Social Studies topic, the sub-topics that will be evaluated, include geography, anthropology, & sociology, world history, United States history, government, citizenship, & democracy, economics, and social studies as inquiry & social studies processes.

Under the Science topic, the sub-topics that will be evaluated, include earth & space science, life sciences, physical sciences, impact of science & technology on society, and science as inquiry and science processes.

What is the most convenient way to register for the exam?

Register online and pay using a credit or debit card. PayPal can also be used. Print your admission ticket and take it to the testing site on the day of your exam.

If you are not able to register online, you may do so via mail, using the Test Authorization Voucher request form OR phone. If you use the phone option, payment must be made by credit or debit card, and an additional $35 fee will be applied.

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What is the cost of the exam?

The cost of the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge Exam is $120.

What are the testing locations?

The test is offered at various sites throughout the world. Search for the one that is closest to your geographic location.

What should I do the day of the exam?

Bring a valid form of identification that includes your name, signature, and photo. Also bring your admission ticket.

Forms of acceptable ID include passport, passport card, driver’s license, national identification, and military identification.

If you submit identification that does not include your signature, supplemental ID will be necessary. Acceptable forms of supplemental ID include student identification or a letter from your education institution, confirming your identity.

Photocopied or expired identification forms are not acceptable.

An on-screen, scientific calculator will be provided for this exam. You are not allowed to bring your own calculator.

The testing center will supply you with pens and/or pencils, so do not bring your own. In addition, personal items such as a cell phone, tablets, and jewelry (except for an engagement/wedding ring) are also prohibited from the testing area.

What happens after I take the exam?

You may receive an unofficial test report on the screen immediately after completing the exam. If you don’t, do not worry. You will receive your official score report 10-16 days after your testing window closes.

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What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

Do not lose hope. If you fail the test, you will have the opportunity to retake it once every 21 days, not including the initial test date.

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