Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching

The Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) exam is for candidates seeking a generalist elementary school license. The exam evaluates a candidate’s content knowledge in reading and language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

The Basics

The Elementary Education: Content Knowledge exam is a computer-delivered exam consisting of four subtests: Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. There are a total of 222 selected-response questions divided between the four subtests. Praxis exams are required for licensure in 40 states and US territories. Check with your state’s licensing authority to determine if the Praxis exam is required.

You can register for the test online, by mail, or by phone. The test fee is $130.00. Payment is accepted by debit/credit card, eCheck, and PayPal.


Each subtest is delivered and timed individually. However, you take all subtests in one appointment block of two hours and 30 minutes. Register for the exam through the ETS website portal. You can take the exam at an authorized testing center or from the comfort of your home. There are equipment requirements for home testing, including a steady high-speed internet connection, a quiet place to take the exam, and a web camera. Exams taken at testing centers are offered year-round at centers located nationwide, and at-home testing is available seven days a week from 10 a.m. (Eastern) to 1 p.m. (Eastern). The registration fee is the same regardless of the method of delivery.

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The passing score varies by state and ranges from 142 – 162 on each subtest. Verify the passing score with your state’s licensing authority. Score reports are sent to your registered email address within two weeks of taking the exam.

You can retake the exam, if necessary, after 28 days. You have to register and pay the test fee each time – there is no reduction in the fee for retakes.

The Details

As mentioned earlier, the CKT consists of four subtests. You must take each subtest in order and receive a passing score for certification.

Subtest 7812: Reading and Language Arts

This subtest evaluates your understanding and knowledge of reading, writing, and communication fundamentals.

You have 90 minutes to complete the 63 selected-response questions. This subtest may have questions with an audio component. There are three categories within the Reading and Language Arts subtest:

  • Foundational literacy skills: topics include reading and literacy development, phonological awareness and phonics, and the roles of fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Your understanding of the elements of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and children’s drama is evaluated, as well as your knowledge of the uses of simile, metaphor, figurative language, and language arts resource materials.
  • Language: content includes the elements of grammar and usage, the different types of writing, tone, purpose, and audience of writing, sentence type and structure, and the stages of writing development and the writing process.
  • Construction meaning: your understanding of communication skills, including speaking, listening, and viewing, and their roles in language acquisition are evaluated.

Subtest 7813: Mathematics

This subtest examines your understanding of mathematical processes.

The mathematics subtest contains 52 selected-response questions, and you have 85 minutes to complete the exam. An on-screen four-function calculator is available. Three categories make up this subtest: counting and operations with whole numbers; fractions, operations with fractions, and ratios; and early equations and expressions, measurement, and geometry.

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Subtest 7814: Science

This subtest requires you to identify and classify plant and animal organisms, understand plant and human organ systems, and be familiar with technology, personal health, science as a career, science as inquiry, and science processes.

You must also understand the scientific method, data interpretation, and laboratory safety considerations.

You have 60 minutes to answer 47 selected-response questions. There are four categories:

  • Earth and space sciences: topics include the structure and processes of the earth system, Earth’s origin and history, the relationships between Earth and the universe, and the cycles and interactions of the four spheres
  • Life sciences: subjects include living systems, reproduction, heredity, regulation and behavior, the interdependence of organisms, and life diversity
  • Physical sciences: the properties and structure of matter, forces and motions, energy, and interactions between energy and matter
  • Engineering, technology, and the application of science: identification and classification of plant and animal organisms, plant and human organ systems, technology, personal health, and scientific processes

Subtest 7815: Social Studies

There are 60 selected-response questions in this subtest, and you have 50 minutes to complete the test. Your knowledge is assessed in four categories:

  • History: US history, European exploration from the nation’s founding to present day, changes and developments within the 20th century, historical events and their relationship to situation and activity in the US and around the world, ancient civilizations, world history, and cross-cultural comparisons
  • Government and citizenship: the principles and structures of government, citizenship, and democracy
  • Human and physical geography: regional and world geography and the impact humans have on the world, apply geography to identify the relation people across the globe have with their environment
  • Economics: fundamental terms and concepts, influence of government on economies, effects of an economy on people, natural resources, and innovations


An elementary teacher has a wealth of knowledge over a wide range of topics. The Praxis exam evaluates your ability to relate that information to your students effectively. Mometrix Test Preparation can help you develop a study plan and implement it, ensuring your success on the certification exam. Check out their study guides and flashcards for a detailed exploration of all the content that is on the Praxis exam.


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