Praxis Middle School English Language Arts (5047) Practice Test

If you are a student studying to become a teacher, before you can begin your career you must take the Praxis Exam. This article is specifically focusing on the Middle School English Language Arts Exam (MSELA) which tests educators to see if they acquire the knowledge and ability to work professionally and teach students.

This test evaluates skill set and how well you comprehend concepts that pertain to the following categories: Reading, which includes the subtopic of literature and informative content, the English language, the history of basic English and evolution of vocabulary; speech, listening and writing; and English language arts instruction.

Middle School English Language Arts (5047)


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What’s on the Exam?

There are four sections on the exam. For each section you much know quite a bit of information so be sure you are well equipped on every topic. The sections are:

  • Reading
  • Language and Use of Vocabulary
  • Writing, Speaking and Listening
  • English Language Arts Instruction

This exam is taken on the computer, therefore, you will be asked for your information and identification once you arrive at the testing center in your area. At the testing center is where you will learn valuable information on how the computer interface work and how to maneuver through your exam. They will show you how to skip a question, answer questions and how to return to the questions you skipped.

Praxis Middle School: Language Arts Practice Test

Praxis Middle School Language Arts Practice Test

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You may register for the Praxis EYC exam online, by phone, or by mail. Once you have completed registration, you will receive an admission ticket to enter the testing facility. If you register by phone or mail, you will need to allow up to three weeks for delivery of your admission ticket.

Allotted Time

You are allowed 160 minutes total on your exam. 130 minutes is for the selected response section (SR) and 30 minutes is reserved for the constructed-response (CR) section. There are 110 SR questions, which make up 75% of the test scores and 2 CR questions that account for 25% of your scores. Scores are delivered to you electronically, through your computer, after all of the exams have ended.

Online Praxis Middle School ELA Prep Course

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Praxis Middle School: English Language Arts (5047) Study GuidePraxis Middle School English Language Arts (5047) Flashcards

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