Praxis Algebra I (5162) Practice Test

Regardless of one’s location or field of expertise, entering the teaching profession requires a specialized set of skills and competencies. This is why aspiring teachers much undergo rigorous training, and why the vast majority of states require incoming teachers to prove they’re ready to begin working professionally by passing some form of standardized testing.

For most parts of the United States, this test is the Praxis exam. The Praxis test is the newest version of what is also known as the PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test), or Praxis I. The Praxis  officially debuted in the year 2014, and is offered in myriad states across the US, including Wyoming, Alabama, West Virginia, Arkansas, Vermont, Connecticut, Utah, the District of Columbia, South Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, and numerous others.

Like most teaching certification exams, the Praxis splits off into several subjects. If you are on this page, there is a good chance you are looking to teach basic Algebra I courses and, as a result, will soon be taking the Praxis Algebra I exam, also known as Test 5162. Keep reading for answers to some of the most common questions regarding this important exam.

What Format Will the Praxis Be Presented In?

The Praxis exam follows the lead of most other teaching certification exams available today. The test is administered via computer. However, test takers can request other accommodations depending upon their needs.

The exam spans a total of 60 questions, all of which require either numeric or selected (multiple choice) responses. The Praxis will be timed; test takers receive no more than 150 minutes (2 hours, 30 minutes) to complete the exam.

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Are Calculators Allowed for This Exam?

Yes. An official graphing calculator will be provided to test takers on-screen at their designated computer. Test takers may also bring their own calculators. However, they must first make sure the calculator they plan to bring meets the appropriate guidelines, which may be found online.

What Are the Contents of the Praxis?

The Praxis divides its questions under three subjects, known formally as “content categories.” Detailed explanations for each category can be found below:

  • Number and Quantity; Probability and Statistics takes up 32 percent of the exam’s contents—or, more precisely, 19 questions total. It will evaluate the test taker’s knowledge of probability, exponents, radicals, scatter plots and similar forms of data, irrational and rational numbers, dot plots and box plots, and quantitative reasoning.
  • Functions is the smallest content category, accounting for 30 percent of the test (or 18 questions). This category will judge the test taker’s comprehension of exponential, quadratic, and linear models; how to notate functions; the way equations and functions display how quantities relate to one another; and how graphical data can be used to interpret functions.
  • As the exam’s longest category, Principles of Algebra makes up 38 percent of the Praxis Algebra I test. This totals to approximately 23 questions out of 60. This section requires test takers to demonstrate their knowledge of linear functions, equivalent expressions, inequalities, polynomials, and related subjects.

How Can Test Takers Register for the Praxis Algebra I Exam?

Test takers can sign up for the exam in one of three ways. First, they can register via phone by calling the ETS’s official phone number. This method adds an extra $35 to the test taker’s registration fee, and must be performed no less than four days prior to the date the test taker intends to sit for the exam.

Test takers can also print and fill out a registration form, then mail it in. They should then receive instructions and a voucher in return within a period of three weeks. This voucher can be used to access an admission ticket online.

Finally, test takers can choose to register through the ETS website. From there they can access their admission ticket, which they must print out prior to test day. It is up to the test taker to check the ETS website to learn when the Algebra I exam is open for registration.

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How Much Is the Registration Fee?

Test takers must pay $120 to register for the Praxis Algebra I exam.

Do Test Takers Need to Bring Anything on Test Day?

Yes. Test takers will be required to bring a copy of their admission ticket, as well as a calculator and photo ID. Information about approved models can be found on the ETS website.

How Will the Exam Be Scored?

There is no set minimum score test takers must earn in order to pass the exam. Instead, when test takers receive their score reports, they will find a simple notification informing them of whether they passed or failed the exam.

How and When Will Test Takers Receive Their Score Reports?

Test takers may access their score report online anywhere between 10 and 16 days following the day they sat for the exam.

Are Retests Available for This Exam?

Yes. Test takers may elect to take a retest in intervals of 21 days. This means you must wait 21 days from your test date before you can take a retest.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Study for the Praxis?

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We hope these study tools will serve you well and leave you feeling wholly prepared for your upcoming test. Good luck, and study hard!

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