Praxis Reading Specialist (5301) Practice Test

The Praxis Reading Specialist exam has been designed to test participants who are seeking supervisory and/or instructional positions in reading instruction for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

This exam is usually taken by individuals who already possess master’s degrees or have completed high-intensity coursework in the field of reading instruction. Many people who wish to become reading consultants, specialists, coordinators, supervisors or clinicians take the Praxis Reading Specialist exam in order to obtain proper certification.


How Is This Exam Administered?

The Praxis Reading Specialist exam is administered via computer at testing sites around the country. Interested participants should visit the Praxis website to register for the exam and find the testing facility and appointment time that works best for them.

When taking the Praxis Reading Specialist exam, participants will first have to log in to the specific computer that has been assigned to them. The first screen they see should display their name, photo, candidate identification and the name of the exam. After logging in, participants will be expected to review some general directions and then will be able to begin the test.

Each question on the computer will also have a “next” and a “back” button. Once a question is answered, the participant can click the next button to go to the next question. If they want to change their answer to a previous question, they can hit the back button.

What Can I and Can I Not Bring with Me to This Exam?

The Praxis Reading Specialist exam allows participants to only bring scratch paper, a pencil and identification to the computer table with them. Any other item is prohibited, including cell phones, food and drink, handbags, study materials or books and any electronic listening or recording devices. Participants are not permitted to bring or use a calculator during the exam.

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How Is the Content on the Praxis Reading Specialist Exam Divided?

Participants are given two hours total to complete the Praxis Reading Specialist exam. The exam is divided into two parts, each of which have several subsections that make up different total proportions of the full exam. The Praxis Reading Specialist exam is divided as follows:

  • Part A: Selected-Response Questions (80 total questions, 80 percent of total exam)
    • Assessment and Diagnostic Teaching (20 total questions, 20 percent of exam)
    • Reading and Writing Development (45 total questions, 20 percent of exam)
    • Leadership Skills and Specialized Knowledge of Pedagogical Principles and Instructional Practices (15 total questions, 15 percent of exam)
  • Part B: Constructed-Response Questions (2 total questions, 20 percent of exam)
    • Professional Learning and Leadership (1 total question, 10 percent of exam)
    • Analysis of Individual Student Case Study (1 total question, 10 percent of exam)

Although the two parts of the exam are not independently timed, test administrators generally expect participants to spend about 80 minutes completing Part A and 40 minutes completing Part B (with 20 minutes dedicated to each question within Part B).

How Should I Approach the Questions on the Reading Specialist Exam from Praxis?

Before attempting to master the material that will appear on the Praxis Reading Specialist exam, prospective participants should ensure that they understand how to take the test and interpret its questions effectively. As noted above, this exam is divided into two sections, one of which consists of selected-response questions, the other of which is made up of constructed-response questions. In order to get a great score, participants should be confident that they know how to interpret and answer these types of questions.

When attempting to answer a selected-response question on a Praxis exam, it is recommended that participants take a three-part approach. First, they should limit their potential answer to the list of options being provided by the exam. Second, they should eliminate any potential answers they know for sure to be incorrect. Lastly, they should verify their selected answer by inserting it into the question.

To tackle constructed-response questions as provided by Praxis, exam participants should take a different approach. These come in the form of essays or short answers, for which participants must demonstrate their knowledge of the subject area by writing out thoughtful answers to prompts. A five-part approach is recommended here. Participants should do their best to answer the question with accuracy, answer the question completely, answer only the specific question that is being asked, provide a response that is thorough and detailed and reread their responses before moving on.

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What Study Material Can Help Me Get a Great Score on the Praxis Reading Specialist Exam?

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