Praxis Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5245) Practice Test

The Praxis Chemistry: Content Knowledge exam is geared to undergrad students who have recently, or soon will, complete a bachelor’s degree program in chemistry and education. Constructed within National Science Education Standards (NSES) and the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) standards, the objective of the exam is to evaluate your conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving in science.


Test design

The Chemistry exam is a two and a half hour computer-based test (CBT) which consists of 125 selected-response questions covering seven content categories:

  • Basic Principles of Matter and Energy; Thermodynamics – 17 questions
  • Atomic and Nuclear Structure – 15 questions
  • Nomenclature; Chemical Composition; Bonding and Structure – 19 questions
  • Chemical Reactions; Periodicity – 25 questions
  • Solutions and Solubility; Acid-Base Chemistry – 19 questions
  • Scientific Inquiry and Social Perspectives of Science – 15 questions
  • Scientific Procedures and Techniques – 15 questions

All test materials are included within the CBT delivery including the periodic table of elements, a table of information of various physical constants, and a few conversion factors among SI units. You will not need a calculator.

Registration, cost, dates and delivery method

You will register online for your Praxis examination. The cost is $120.00, and paid via MasterCard, Visa or debit card. The exam is offered year-round during specific testing windows and is a computer-based test (CBT) delivered at a testing facility. There are facilities in 40 states and select locations internationally. When you register, make sure you use the name as shown on your identification.

Test Day

You will want to print your admission ticket that you’ll receive from Praxis after you register online. The testing facility, address, and exam time will be on your ticket. On the day of your exam, arrive 30 before your appointment and, leave all personal belongings in your vehicle.

At the testing facility, you will present your admission ticket, and a valid form of identification that has your photo, signature, and name. The ID must not be expired and the signature and photo viewable. There may be additional verification steps such as biometric voice, finger/thumb printing, video recording, and signature comparison. If you wear glasses, you may be asked to remove them for visual inspection.

After your identification is verified, you’ll be assigned to your station, and you’ll be provided with scratch paper and pencil by the test proctor. You cannot bring in anything to the testing space. If you run out of scratch paper, raise your hand, and the proctor will bring you a new sheet. At the conclusion of the exam, you will return all materials provided.

Once you enter the testing center and take your seat, you are not allowed to talk to any other test taker. Failure to follow the test center rules could result in the cancellation of your test and your registration fee forfeited.

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Exam results and scoring

When you register for the exam, you may select four institutions or licensing agencies to receive your results at no cost to you. If you test in one of the 40 states that Praxis has an agreement with, your results are automatically transmitted to the Teacher Credentialing Agency of that state. Your score will be available online 10 to 16 business days after the testing window closes.

Your score will be a result of the number of correct answers you provided and, wrong answers are not penalized. Each state has specific requirements for a passing score.

Some testing centers may be able to show your unofficial score report immediately after you complete the exam. Check with your testing center to see if you will be able to view your results at the testing center.

Praxis is recognized nationwide, and your results can transfer from one state to another. For example, if you take the test in California and a year later you move to Colorado, your score will transfer with you. If your score meets your new state’s requirements, you will not have to retake it.

Preparing for the Praxis Chemistry: Content Knowledge examination

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