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The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) is a battery of tests that the Arizona State Board of Education requires for prospective Arizona educators to become certified. The AEPA Reading Endorsement K-8 Examination must be taken at an official testing center and registration is required. The AEPA Reading Endorsement K-8 test includes five test objectives, which you need to keep in mind as you prepare your studies.


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Plan your studying to include questions on Theoretical and Research Foundations, which makes up about 13% of the test questions. This objective includes questions on linguistic foundations of language and literacy and neurological, cognitive, and sociocultural foundations of language and literacy. This examination covers about 20% of the questions on Assessment, Instruction, and Leadership Foundations, which includes foundations of literacy assessment, foundations of literacy instruction and intervention, and foundations of leadership in reading and literacy.

Study for 14% of the questions to be on Literacy Assessment in Grades K-8, which includes selecting and administering assessments in essential elements of literacy in grades K-8 and interpreting results of assessments, planning instruction, and interventions. Expect to see about 40% of your test questions on Essential Elements of K-8 Literacy Instruction and Intervention, which includes instruction and intervention in phonological awareness and phonemic awareness. It also includes other important emergent literacy skills, including concepts of print and letter recognition and formation and sub areas on phonics and word identification skills, vocabulary and academic language, fluency, reading comprehension, comprehension strategies, spelling, and writing.


Finally, expect to see about 13% of the questions on Content-Area Literacy in Grades K-8 which includes content-area texts and reading and writing tools. In total, you will be expected to answer 100 selected response questions and one written performance assignment. You will have 3 ½ hours to take your exam and will need a score of 240 to become certified. Mometrix designed the AEPA Reading Endorsement K-8 Study Guide as a complement to your textbooks, class notes, and assignments. The AEPA Reading Endorsement K-8 Practice Test will give you a good idea of how the test is designed. Dress comfortably on the day of the test and pace yourself so that you will do your best.

AEPA Reading Endorsement K-8 Practice Test

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