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The Arizona State Board of Education sets the standards for prospective teachers in Arizona to become certified. Prospective teachers in Arizona who seek to become certified in Economics will need to take the AEPA Economics Examination, which will demonstrate subject mastery of their knowledge and skills in Economics. AEPA tests ensure that Arizona teachers are knowledgeable and have mastered the subject matter, so that they are appropriately equipped to teach students.


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Arizona educators and the Arizona State Department of Education wrote the questions for this test and they were approved by Arizona review committees. Mometrix has carefully written the AEPA Economics Study Guide to help you prepare for the 100 selected-response questions on your computer-based examination. Use the corresponding AEPA Economics Practice Test, in addition to other study materials to help you do your best on your examination. The test covers content in four areas of economics.

Prepare your studies for 28% of the questions on Basic Economic Concepts and Microeconomics, which includes content on understanding basic economic terms and concepts and basic principles of microeconomics. You will also be tested on understanding concepts, issues, and principles related to how businesses use resources and interact with the marketplace.

Expect to see another 36% of questions on Macroeconomics, Economic Theories, and International Economics. This part of the test includes questions on understanding basic theories of macroeconomics and the principles of money and banking. It also includes questions to make sure that you have mastered content on understanding principles and concepts related to government decisions on taxation, spending, and regulation, and understanding principles and components of international economics and trade.


You can also expect to find about 18% of the questions on Economic Inquiry Skills, which includes applying methods for interpreting, organizing, and presenting economic information. This part also includes questions on applying methods for analyzing economic issues. Finally, your knowledge and skill set will be tested on Consumer Economics with about 18% of the questions. This section proves your knowledge on understanding how opportunity cost affects personal finance decisions and understanding the opportunity cost involved in the purchase, use and disposal of goods and services. A score of 240 will certify you to teach Economics. Dress comfortably and allow yourself 2 ½ hours to take your test at a registered testing facility.

AEPA Economics Practice Test

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