Finding Feet and Inches in Meters

Finding Feet and Inches in Meters

Finding Feet and Inches in Meters

In this question, we’re told that a patient’s height is measured to be 5 feet, 9 inches. We’re asked to find the patient’s height in meters.

Before we convert to meters, we want to convert our feet plus inches into just inches, so that we can then convert into metric and get the desired units.

First, we’re going to take 5 feet and 9 inches. That is equivalent to 5 times 12, because there are 12 inches per foot, plus 9.

That will give us- 5 times 12 is 60, and 60 plus 9 is 69. The patient is 69 inches in height. We then need to convert the inches into centimeters.

To do that, we need our unit conversion. 1 inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. We’ll multiply our 69 inches times 2.54 centimeters per 1 inch.

The inches will cancel and we multiply 69 times 2.54 centimeters. 2.54 times 69. 9 times 4 is 36. 9 times 5 is 45, plus 3 is 48. 9 times 2 is 18, plus 4 is 22. 6 times 4 is 24. 6 times 5 is 30, plus 2 is 32. 6 times 2 is 12, plus 3 is 15.

We’ll add these up and that gives us 175.26 centimeters. Now, we’re asked for the patient’s height in meters. To convert from centimeters to meters, we need another conversion factor.

There are 100 centimeters per meter. We’ll multiply the number of centimeters times 1 meter per 100 centimeters. The centimeters will cancel. What we have is 175.26 times 1 meter, divided by 100.

To divide by 100, all we’re going to do is we’re going to move our decimal point two places to the left, because there are two zeros. This is going to be equal to 1.7526 meters.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: January 4, 2021