The BEST Way to Solve Drawing Word Problems

Drawing Word Problems

Hi, welcome to this video lesson on word problems. This video is only one of many on word problems and will address word problems that involve drawing a picture

Three wooden cubes are placed side-by-side, on a floor against a wall, and the exposed sides of the three cubes are painted green. Draw a figure and identify how many total sides are painted green.

The back sides of the three cubes, as well as the bottoms, will not be painted. The touching sides of the cubes will also not be painted. There will be 3 exposed sides on the two outer cubes, and 2 exposed sides on the inner cube. A total of 3+3+2=8 sides will be painted green.

I hope that helps. Thanks for watching this video lesson, and until next time, happy studying.

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Last updated: 05/30/2018


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