Converting Between Yards, Feet, and Inches

Converting Inches, Feet, and Yards

Hi and welcome to this video lesson on inches, feet, and yards.

The more you deal with measurements of length, the more you will realize they can be kinda confusing sometimes.
First, let’s start with a simple idea, the inch. Since the 7th Century, the inch has been a unit of measurement in England, and then, much later, in the U.S. For a long time, it was defined as a width of an average man’s thumb, but today we have a standard around the world, and that is what you see on rulers and tape measures today.

Next, we are going to talk about the foot. A foot is made up of 12 inches, but it wasn’t always standard, as even the ancient Greeks used a version of what we know as a foot. Most rulers are a foot long. Most people’s height is given in feet, and then inches.

Finally, we arrive at the yard. The yard has been used for hundreds of years and became what we know today through cutting cloth in one yard lengths. As you may know, one yard is made up of three feet.

Now, to the hard part, math.

If there are 12 inches in a foot and 3 feet in a yard, how many inches are in a yard? This is just a multiplication problem. We simply multiply the 12 inches in each foot by the number of feet in a yard, so 12×3=36. But let’s try something trickier: How many yards, feet, and inches does 323 inches? Well, to find yards we have to divide by 36inches. That gives us 8 with a remainder of 35. Now we divide by 12 to find feet. That gives us 2 with a remainder of 11. There are 8 yards, 2 feet, and 11 inches in 323 inches.

Last piece of information before we do an on your own problem. There are 5,280 feet in a mile. Practice: Tim lives a ÂĽ mile from Ramona. How many yards is that? You should have gotten 440 because a quarter of a mile is 5,280/4 and then to find the number of yards we divide 1320 by 3. Make sense?

I hope that helps. Thanks for watching this video lesson.

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Last updated: 05/30/2018


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