Basic Arithmetic

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Many test takers preparing to take a test or exam which includes a mathematics section will need to have mastery of basic arithmetic concepts in order to achieve success. Mometrix’s library of free mathematics study resources includes study guides, flashcards, practice tests and review videos. These videos have been designed to provide test preparation for these test takers in the form of a general overview and discussion of the following basic arithmetic concepts: Adding and Subtracting Decimals, Calculation of a Percentage, Decimals, Exponents, Fractions, Line Plots, Roots, Rounding, Venn Diagrams, Word Problems and more. Watching these videos is an efficient test prep tool to help you obtain a passing score on test day.

Adding DecimalsAdding Fractions with the Same DenominatorAdding Large NumbersAdding Mixed Numbers with the Same DenominatorAdding and Subtracting DecimalsAdding and Subtracting Decimals in Word ProblemsAdding and Subtracting FractionsAdding and Subtracting Multiple Dollar AmountsAdding and Subtracting RadicalsAdding and Subtracting with ExponentsAddition Word ProblemsAddition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and DivisionArithmetic SequenceBasic MultiplicationChanging a Decimal to a FractionChanging a Decimal to a PercentageChanging a Fraction to a DecimalChanging a Mixed Number into an Improper FractionChanging a Percent to a DecimalClassification of NumbersConverting Between Yards, Feet, and InchesConverting Improper Fractions to Mixed NumbersConverting Percents to FractionsConverting Word Problems into EquationsCross Multiplying FractionsDecimalsDividing Decimals by Whole NumbersDividing FractionsDivision Word ProblemsEstimating Products and QuotientsEstimation Strategies and Rounding RulesFinding Feet and Inches in MetersFractionsFractions of a WholeHow to Calculate PercentageHow to Change Fractions to PercentageHow to Estimate the Sum or DifferenceHow to Find the AverageHow to Find the Distance Between Two PointsIntroduction to NumbersLaws of ExponentsMathematical ParenthesesMean, Median, and ModeMultiplication Word ProblemsMultiply Decimals by Whole NumbersMultiplying DecimalsMultiplying FractionsMultiplying and Dividing Decimals in Word ProblemsOrder of OperationsPercentagesPlace Value of a NumberProblem Solving with PercentagesProper and Improper Fractions and Mixed NumbersRoots in MathRules for Adding and Subtracting IntegersScientific NotationSolving Word Problems with RatiosStandard Form to Scientific NotationSubtraction Word ProblemsThe BEST Way to Solve Drawing Word ProblemsThe Best Way to Solve Age Word ProblemsThis Place Values Subtracting Large NumbersVenn DiagramsWhat are Multiples?What is Distributive Property?What is a Histogram?What is a Line Plot?What is a Rational Number?What is an Exponent?What is the Factor?When Math Gives You Word ProblemsWord Problems Involving MoneyWord Problems with Median and Mean

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