Civil War Strategies | U.S. History Review

This video goes over some of the major strategies of the U.S. Civil War. The North used naval blockades as a major strategy to prevent supplies and trade from Southern ports to European markets and suppliers. The North also moved quickly to seal the states that bordered the confederacy to prevent supplies from reaching the South. Another Northern strategy was to divide the South into two parts (East and West) by gaining control of the Mississippi river. Another application of this same strategy was employed by General Sherman in his “march to the sea” dividing the North from the South of the Confederacy. The South’s main strategy was to fight a purely defensive battle to defend itself but not try and take any Northern territory. It was hoped this would garner European support and recognition. The primary Southern hope was to outlast the North’s will to fight, or at least hang on long enough to secure European recognition and support.

The Civil War: Strategies

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