Best World War II Overview

World War II was the largest and deadliest military conflict in U.S. history. It began in 1939 and ended in 1945. It was essentially groups of countries fighting other groups of countries. The U.S. joined the war as a result of Japan bombing Pearl Harbor in 1941. The U.S. dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, one on Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki. This was the first time atomic bombs had been used in warfare, and the devastation was horrific and demoralizing.

World War II

World War II was the largest military conflict in U.S. history. World War II was an extremely complex event with much more to talk about than we have time to right now. I do want to highlight a few main points about World War II that you should know. First of all, it started in 1939 and ended in 1945.

When talking about the war in the context of the U.S., the U.S. did not enter the war until 1941. World War II was essentially the Allied powers versus the Axis powers. Instead of just two countries fighting each other, it was groups of countries fighting against other groups of countries who were joined together by treaties.

The Allied powers were primarily made up of the U.S., the Soviet Union, Britain, and France, whereas the Axis powers were primarily Italy, Germany, and Japan. There were many more smaller countries on both sides of the conflict, but those were the main countries that had the largest influence in the war. Essentially, what happened is Japan wanted to become a large power in East Asia.

It was already at war over there prior to 1939. Germany started to invade Poland, and then France and Britain declared war on Germany. Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany, wanted to increase the size of Germany by conquering other countries around it and making those countries part of Germany. In addition, the Holocaust refers to the harsh treatment of Jews and other political enemies of Adolf Hitler.

Different political enemies were put into concentration camps where they were treated extremely poorly and many of them died. World War II was the deadliest conflict in human history. Over 100 million people were involved in it. As you can imagine, millions and millions of people died from the conflict.

It was interesting, because during World War II, countries weren’t involved in a war and involved in domestic things. All of their domestic resources were put into the war. Their scientific resources, their manufacturing resources, all were put into trying to win the war. World War II is the only time in a war that nuclear warfare has been put into place.

What happened in 1941 is Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, a port in Hawaii of the U.S. That’s when the U.S. started joining the war in 1941. To help bring about the end of the war, in what is known as D-Day, allied forces invaded the beach on Germany and eventually conquered Berlin. Germany had an unconditional surrender.

It helped bring about the end of the war in Germany, but since it was a World War and it was taking place all throughout the world, simply conquering and capturing Berlin was not enough to bring an end to the conflict. Japan was still alive and well during that time. By the U.S. dropping two atomic bombs on the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan, the U.S. helped to bring about Japan’s surrender.

When World War II was over, world powers did not want to see another war like this come about, so the United Nations was created, with larger countries and more influential countries in the world having a larger say in the dealings of the United Nations. Also, the Cold War, which came later after World War II, came about because of World War II.

World War II basically set the stage for the Cold War, because, since the Soviet Union and the U.S. were both on the allied side, they both came out of the war as winners and were superpowers. The two superpowers kind of faced off in the Cold War, which was to come after World War II.



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