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Mometrix’s free, comprehensive video library covers a wide range of topics, including the following: 1920’s, 19th Century Politics, Absolute Monarchs, American Civilizations, Anti-Colonial Struggles, Civil War, Declaration of Independence, Globalization, Native Americans, Reconstruction, Second Industrial Revolution, Monroe Doctrine, The Civil War, The Cold War, The Middle Ages, World War I, World War II and more. These videos are general reviews of topics, concepts and ideas within the history subject and are part of Mometrix’s directory of study materials and resources. These resources also include study guides, flashcards and practice questions designed to give you the tips, hints and examination information you need to succeed on test day.

1920’s19th Century Politics: Britain19th Century Politics: France19th Century Politics: Germany19th Century Politics: Italy19th Century Politics: RussiaAbsolute Monarchs: An OverviewAbsolute Monarchs: EnglandAbsolute Monarchs: FranceAbsolute Monarchs: GermanyAbsolute Monarchs: RussiaAbsolute Monarchs: SpainActions the First and Second Continental Congress TookAge of EnlightenmentAge of ExplorationAmerican Civilizations: Early CulturesAmerican Civilizations: The MayasAmerican ImperialismAmerican Imperialism: The Treaty of PortsmouthAncient GreeceAndrew Carnegie and the Steel IndustryAndrew Jackson – Key Events and Major IssuesAndrew Jackson as PresidentAnti-Colonial Struggles: Central and South AmericaAnti-Colonial Struggles: The Boxer RebellionAnti-Colonial Struggles: The Opium WarArticles of ConfederationBest Overview of the Civil WarBest World War I OverviewBest World War II OverviewCauses of the Civil WarCauses of the Great DepressionCauses of the War of 1812Chinese Immigration in the 1800’s | The Gilded AgeChristopher ColumbusClassical LiberalismColonization of the AmericasConflict Between the North and the SouthDeclaration of IndependenceDrafting the ConstitutionDred ScottEarly Mesopotamia: The BabyloniansEarly Mesopotamia: The JewsEarly Mesopotamia: The SumeriansEgyptiansElizabeth Cady StantonEuropean AlliancesFamily Life and Education in the Southern ColoniesFeudalism in the Middle AgesFrederick the Great in PrussiaFrench and Indian WarsGlobalizationGlobalization: AsiaGlobalization: EuropeGlobalization: First, Second, and Third World NationsGlobalization: The Middle EastHistorical AuthorsHolocaustHow Did the Cold War End?How Did the Islamic Empire Impact the Areas it Ruled?How does Chronology Work?How Was the English Colony of Jamestown Founded?How was the Neolithic Period Different than the Paleolithic Period?Indian Removal ActIndustrial RevolutionIndustrializationIslamJames K. Polk as PresidentJamestownJefferson and the Spoils SystemJohn Adams as PresidentJohn Quincy Adams as PresidentJohn Tyler as PresidentKarl MarxLife in the New England ColoniesLincoln and the Secession of Southern StatesLouisiana PurchaseMajor Battles of the Civil WarMajor Native American Regional GroupsManifest DestinyMarbury v. Madison | Supreme Court Case ReviewMartin Luther and the ReformationMeeting of the Estates General | French Revolution ReviewMonroe DoctrineNapoleon Bonaparte in the French RevolutionNational Assembly of the French RevolutionNationalism?North vs SouthOutcome of World War IPinckney’s Treaty (1795)Politics and Religion in the Southern ColoniesPuritansReconstructionRobert E. LeeRole of Native Americans in WartimeSecond Industrial Revolution: Standard Oil CompanySecond Industrial Revolution: The American Railroad SystemSocial LiberalismSocialismSouthern ColoniesSuccess of Cities – Why Do Some Cities Flourish More Than Others?Susan B. Anthony, Robert Lafollette, and W.E.B. DuBois | Leaders of ReformThe 13 ColoniesThe Adams-Onís TreatyThe Alien and Sedition ActsThe American Colonies’ Frustration with BritainThe Beginning of American ImperialismThe Black DeathThe Civil War: The Emancipation ProclamationThe Climate of North AmericaThe Counter-ReformationThe Dred Scott CaseThe Economy and Society of the PuritansThe Election of 1800The Election of 1828The End of the Middle AgesThe Founding FathersThe Gilded Age: An OverviewThe Great AwakeningThe Holy Roman EmpireThe Kansas-Nebraska ActThe Land in North AmericaThe Martin Van Buren Presidency | U.S. History ReviewThe Mayflower CompactThe Mesolithic PeriodThe Mexican-American WarThe Middle AgesThe Missouri CompromiseThe New England ConfederationThe Plantation SystemThe Progressive EraThe ProtestantsThe Puritans in Massachusetts Bay ColonyThe Purpose of the Lewis and Clark ExpeditionThe RenaissanceThe Revolutionary WarThe Roman Republic: Part OneThe Roman Republic: Part TwoThe Scientific RevolutionThe Wilmot ProvisoThree Branches of GovernmentTrade in the Middle AgesTriangular TradeU.S. Government and Native Americans 19th CenturyWhat Was the Most Important Result of the Second Industrial Revolution?Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points

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