Mometrix’s free, comprehensive video library covers a wide range of topics, including the following: 1920’s, 19th Century Politics, Absolute Monarchs, African Kingdoms, American Civilizations, Anti-Colonial Struggles, Civil War, Declaration of Independence, Globalization, Interyear Wars, Native Americans, Post Colonialism, Progressive Era, Reconstruction, Second Industrial Revolution, Sectional Crisis, The Civil War, The Cold War, The Middle Ages, World War I, World War II and more. These videos are general reviews of topics, concepts and ideas within the history subject and are part of Mometrix’s directory of study materials and resources. These resources also include study guides, flashcards and practice questions designed to give you the tips, hints and examination information you need to succeed on test day.

19th Century Politics: Britain
19th Century Politics: France
19th Century Politics: Germany
19th Century Politics: Italy
19th Century Politics: Russia
Aaron Burr
Absolute Monarchs: An Overview
Absolute Monarchs: England
Absolute Monarchs: France
Absolute Monarchs: Germany
Absolute Monarchs: Russia
Absolute Monarchs: Spain
African Kingdoms: Ghana and Mali
African Kingdoms: Kush and Aksum
African Kingdoms: The Nok Culture
African Kingdoms: The Songhai Empire
African Kingdoms: Traditional Religion
Age of Enlightenment
Age of Exploration
American Civilizations: Early Cultures
American Civilizations: The Mayas
American Exceptionalism
American Imperialism
American Imperialism: The Roosevelt Corollary
American Imperialism: William Howard Taft
Ancient Greece
Andrew Carnegie and the Steel Industry
Andrew Jackson as President
Anti-Colonial Struggles: Central and South America
Anti-Colonial Struggles: Japan
Anti-Colonial Struggles: The Boxer Rebellion
Anti-Colonial Struggles: The Opium War
Articles of Confederation
Branches of Government
Causes that Led to Southern Secession
Christopher Columbus
Civil Service Commission
Civil War
Classical Liberalism
Colonies Frustration with Britain
Colonization of the Americas
Conflict Between North and the South
Corruption in the Grant Administration
Currency Deflation During the Grant Administration
Declaration of Independence
Discovering America
Drafting the Constitution
Dred Scott
Early Mesopotamia: The Babylonians
Early Mesopotamia: The Jews
Early Mesopotamia: The Sumerians
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
English Colonization of the New World
English Exploration of the New World
Fletcher v. Peck
Frederick the Great in Prussia
French and Indian War
Globalization: Asia
Globalization: Europe
Globalization: First, Second, and Third World Nations
Globalization: Millennium Milestones
Globalization: The Middle East
Grant’s Second Term
Indian Wars in the United States
Interwar Years: An Overview
Interwar Years: China
Interwar Years: Germany
Interwar Years: Italy
Interwar Years: Japan
Interwar Years: Russia
James K. Polk as President
Jefferson and the Spoils System
John Adams as President
John Quincy Adams as President
John Tyler as President
Karl Marx
Life in New England
Major Issues Under Andrew Jackson
Manifest Destiny
Marbury v. Madison
Martin Van Buren’s Presidency
Missouri Compromise
Native American Policies of the United States
Native Americans: The Eastern Woodlands
Native Americans: The Plains
Native Americans: The Plateau
Native Americans: The Southwest
North America: The Climate
North America: The Land
Opinions About The War of 1812
Peter the Great
Pinckney’s Treaty
Plantation System
Popular Sovereignty
Post-Civil War Foreign Affairs
Post Colonialism: India
Post Colonialism: The Middle East
Presidential Succession Act of 1947
Problems Under James Monroe
Progressive Era
Progressive Era: an Overview
Progressive Movement: Rights for Workers
Reasons for Establishment of the Original 13 Colonies
Reconstruction Era
Reconstruction: The North Withdraws
Reconstruction: The Reconstruction Governments
Reconstruction: The Wade Davis Bill
Reconstruction: Radical Republicans
Reconstruction: Lincoln’s Plan
Results of The War of 1812
Revolutionary War
Robert E. Lee
Roman Republic Part One
Roman Republic Part Two
Second Industrial Revolution
Second Industrial Revolution: Standard Oil Company
Second Industrial Revolution: The American Railroad System
Sectional Crisis: Positive Changes in the U.S.
Sectional Crisis: The Compromise of 1850
Sectional Crisis: The Dred Scott Case
Sectional Crisis: The Freeport Doctrine
Sectional Crisis: The Kansas-Nebraska Act
Sectional Crisis: The Wilmot Proviso
Slavery in the English Colonies
Social Liberalism
Southern Colonies
Southern Colonies: Family Life and Education
Southern Colonies: Religion and Politics
Success of Cities
Susan B. Anthony, Robert La Follette, and W.E.B. DuBois
Tariff Policies and the Civil War
The 13 Colonies
The 19th Century
The Adams-Onis Treaty
The Alien and Sedition Acts
The Beginning of American Imperialism
The Civil War: Abraham Lincoln and Secession
The Civil War: Abraham Lincoln and Secession
The Civil War: Attempted Compromises
The Civil War: Causes
The Civil War: Major Battles
The Civil War: Strategies
The Civil War: The Emancipation Proclamation
The Civil War: The South Surrenders
The Cold War: China
The Cold War: Resolution
The Cold War: The United States and Russia
The Declaration of Independence
The Dominion of New England
The Effects of the Revolutionary War
The Election of 1800
The Election of 1828
The Election of 1832
The Election of 1912
The End of the Middle Ages
The English Colony of Virginia
The Enlightenment
The First and Second Continental Congress
The Founding Fathers
The French Revolution: Napoleon Bonaparte
The French Revolution: The Estates General
The French Revolution: The National Assembly
The Gilded Age: An Overview
The Gilded Age: Chinese Immigration
The Gilded Age: Labor Strikes
The Gilded Age: Labor Unions
The Great Awakening
The Great Depression
The Hellenistic Period
The Holocaust
The Industrial Revolution
The Islamic Empire
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
The Louisiana Purchase
The Middle Ages: The Holy Roman Empire
The Middle Ages: Trade
The Middle Ages: Western Europe
The Neolithic Period
The New England Confederation
The Paleolithic Period
The Puritans: Economy and Society
The Puritans: Massachusetts Bay Colony
The Puritans: Their Background
The Puritans: The Salem Witch Trials
The Reformation: Martin Luther
The Reformation: The Counter-Reformation
The Reformation: The Protestants
The Roman Empire: The Emperor Constantine
The Roman Empire: The Huns
The Roman Empire: The Pax Romana
The Scientific Revolution
Thomas Paine, King George III, and Marquis De Lafayette
Tort Law
Triangular Trade
Walt Whitman
Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points
World War I
World War I: European Alliances
World War I: The Hague Conventions
World War I: The League of Nations
World War I: The Spark That Started it All
World War I: The Treaty of Versailles
World War I: The U.S. Enters the War
World War I Outcomes
World War II
World War II: Germany
World War II: Japan

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