North vs South | American Civil War Review

This video presents an overview of the Civil War comparing the North and the South. The North had 22 states and 22 million people. The South had only 11 states and 9 million people. The North had most of the U.S. supplies of and access to coal, iron, and copper. It also had 92% of the country’s industry. The North had twice as many railroads and a vastly larger navy. At the beginning of the war, the South had no standing army or navy and the troops were purely voluntary, though they eventually instituted a draft. The North had a huge advantage in troop numbers. The South had advantages as well. Some of the advantages included: They were fighting on their own soil with interior lines of defense and knowledge of the terrain. The Southern military officers had more experience and ability than their Northern counterparts. The South was fighting to preserve their lives and property, which is much more tangible than fighting for an ideal (preservation of the union, set men free). Finally, the South was able to last as long as they did because they fought a primarily defensive war.

The Civil War: A North vs South Overview


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