Andrew Jackson – Key Events and Major Issues

There were several issues that occured while President Andrew Jackson was in office. One major debate during this time was the Webster-Hayne debate of 1829-1830, in which there were opposing views about westward expansion and its affect on the country. There were many who felt that it was a good idea; however, there were also those who felt that the manufacturing industry would be weakened while also gaining a new political rival. Another issue occurred in 1830 when Jackson vetoed a bill to build a road in Kentucky. While many questioned Jackson’s motives for this (due to his opposition to Henry Clay), both the Northerners and Southerners were ultimately happy with Jackson’s decision. The North didn’t want easier access to the West, and the South felt that it was the state’s responsibility to pay for the road. Another issue that occurred during Jackson’s presidency was the issue of Native American relocation. Jackson wanted to relocate all Native Americans so that he could take over the west. There were several Americans who opposed this, but ultimately were unable to stop the slow and steady progression of Jackson. Another major issue that the Americans faced during this time were tariffs. In order to appease the Southerners, Jackson offered the Tariff of 1832 as a milder alternative to the Tariff of 1828. However, the Southerners still believed that the tariffs outlined in this were too high. Eventually, this led to Henry Clay drafting up the Compromise Tariff of 1833, which would lower tariffs from 35% to 20-25% for ten years. This compromise was able to settle disputes with the Southerners, as they accepted these rates.

Major Issues Under Andrew Jackson

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