The Martin Van Buren Presidency | U.S. History Review

Martin Van Buren was elected president after Andrew Jackson decided to not run for a third term. While Van Buren was president, there were many disputes with Canada over where border lines should be lain. Through these disputes, Van Buren tried to remain peaceful and avoid any and all foreign conflict. He was also president during the Panic of 1837, where people were losing their property thanks the the “Specie Circular”, declared by Jackson in 1836, which stated that all land must be purchased from the government with gold coins which were not easily found. Many states were over-spending on infrastructure during this time, which also caused economic problems of their own. Due to Van Buren’s efforts to alleviate these economic problems, Presidents from then on have been able to influence how much money is in circulation.

Martin Van Buren's Presidency

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