What Was the Progressive Era?

The Progressive Era was roughly within the years of 1890-1929. During this time, Americans were trying to be as accepting of new ideas as possible. To do this, many felt that corruption had to be eliminated. They decided to attempt this elimination through the prohibition of alcohol. It was during this era that people were becoming more open-minded to specific ideals. In 1920, women were finally given the right to vote. Americans were also obsessed with the idea that new is always better and more efficient and were looking for advances in technology. This led to Americans becoming more globalized in their thoughts and searching for advances not just in America but in European nations as well.

The Progressive Era started in the 1890s and ran through the 1920s. During this time period, the Progressives wanted to eliminate government corruption. They believed they could do this by eliminating political machines and political bosses. One way they wanted to accomplish this was through prohibition.

They believe that those political bosses who operated through saloons could no longer be financed if prohibition came about. In addition, they were in favor of women’s suffrage (the right for all women to vote) and in modernization. They believed that, in all areas of society, old was bad, because it was probably inefficient.

They were always searching for a new way to do things that they thought would be more efficient. One way in which they tried to do this was by mimicking what was going on in Western Europe.

They followed new advances in Western Europe very closely, because they believed that what was going on over there was good and efficient. One example of this is the Federal Reserve system, an idea that America got from Europe.

Followers of the progressive movement were mainly middle class Americans. It started in a local arena, then the progressive movement moved to the state level, and then finally ended up in the national arena.

They believed in scientific approaches to many things, including theology, school, and family life, as well as government. It was kind of a new thought this time. Just says the name implies, they were progressive, looking for new ways to do things.



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