Reuniting the Country with Compromise | U.S. Civil War Review

This video discusses proposed compromises to prevent the division of the country and the secession of the South after Lincoln was elected president in 1860. One of those compromises was the Crittenden Compromise of 1860, which extended the line from the Missouri Compromise and promised Federal protection of slavery south of that line. In 1861, the House of Representatives offered an extension of the Missouri Compromise, as well as a constitutional amendment to protect slavery. This was called the Corwin Amendment. If this had passed, it would have been the 13th amendment to the constitution. Instead of the 13th amendment to the constitution being protection of slavery, the actual 13th amendment abolished it. In 1861 there was also the Washington Peace Conference, which offered to extend the line of the Missouri compromise and also establish that slavery could never be outlawed, except by the permission of the owner of a particular slave.

The Civil War: Attempted Compromises

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