Sectional Crisis of 1850 | Positive Changes in the U.S.

This video goes over some of the changes happened during the time prior to the civil war. When California joined the union as a free state, it permanently upset the balance between free and slave states. Free states refers to states that did not permit slavery. Slave states permitted slavery. Many people were immigrating to Northeastern States. This helped bring new ideas and grow the economy of cities in the Northeast. The North resisted fugitive slave laws by passing initiatives in support of personal liberty and aiding the underground railroad. The Trans-Continental Railroad began in 1853 to help those in the East to get to California. Linking the East and West helped the economy (both locally where the railroads went and for the whole country as trade and travel spanned the continent).

Sectional Crisis: Positive Changes in the U.S.

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Last updated: 03/26/2018


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