How Was the Federal Government Affected by the Reconstruction Period?

This video discusses aspects of government in the Southern states during reconstruction. Carpet baggers were Northerners who came south to help with reconstruction. They exploited the goal of restoring the Southern economy through reinvestment by raising taxes, placing themselves in positions of power in the government and enriching themsevles. They were disdained by white Southerners. White Southerners who collaborated with Northern Republicans were known as Scalawags. Free blacks were allowed to hold some public offices in Southern governments, but freed slaves were not. You had to be born free in order to run for office during the time of reconstruction. The first Black U.S. Senator was from Mississippi. His name was Hiram Revels. Blacks could not own land and had few economic rights. Reconstruction governments in the South were corrupt, fiscally irresponsible, over taxed the people, and took advantage of those they were supposed to serve. They did, however, help rebuild some of the infrastructure and made education mandatory for all.

Reconstruction: The Reconstruction Governments

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