The North’s Withdrawal After the Civil War

This video talks about the withdrawal of the North from the South during the era of Reconstruction following the Civil War. As the North left, the government positions were filled with white Southerners. These new white Southerners worked to defeat black populism and put only white people in positions of power. After the North withdrew the Klu Klux Klan was founded (1867). It was founded by 6 Confederate veterans, including Nathan Bedford Forrest. The KKK was supposedly founded as a social club, however, it quickly became known for threats, violence, and even murder, against blacks and white Republicans. In response, the federal government passed the Enforcement Acts to protect blacks. These acts empowered the federal government to intervene in state governments if it believed the state government wasn’t protecting the rights of all citizens, especially blacks. Eventually, the North lost interest in reconstruction and issues in the South. Primarily, this was due to disgust with the corrupt state governments of the South, persistent racism, and the North had agreed to remain distant in exchange for the South helping pass higher tariffs to protect Northern goods.

Reconstruction: The North Withdraws

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Last updated: 03/26/2018


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