What is African Traditional Religion?

Many African tribes, while taking vastly different approaches, believed that deities were often embodied in the animals that they depended on for food and service. These religions were known as animistic religions. There was often ritualistic worship which would typically involve drumming, dancing, divination, and sacrifice. There were well-defined concepts of good and evil. Evil was said to be either the product of witchcraft, or a result of offending a deity. Specialists, known as diviners, would be called to help defend against these evils that the tribes would face. While these tribes were polytheistic, they still believed in the idea of one creator deity. Due to this belief, many tribes were open to monotheistic religions such as Christianity or Islam, as they believed that the God of these religions was one of many deities. African tribes also tended to believe that their ancestors who were the first men and women created by the deities were a link between the living and the deities.

African Kingdoms: Traditional Religion


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