Use Logic

When facing an analogous question, it is vital that you use your sense of logic. It can help eliminate answer choices that might be distracting. For example look at the following problem: Airport is to airplane as gas station is to _____: A. Horse B. Skateboard C. Bicycle D. Car. The first step to figure out the relation between an airport and an airplane. Airplanes will stop at airports to refill on fuel so they can carry passengers on other flights to other places. So, the airport is the place of fueling for airplanes. Now, we can look at gas station and notice that it, too, is a place for fueling. Logic tells us that skateboards and bicycles don’t need fuel, so B and C are immediately eliminated. A horse needs food to fuel itself, but not the kind of food found at a gas station, so answer choice A can be eliminated. This just leaves answer choice D, car, which would make sense as cars need gas to fuel their engines.


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Last updated: 12/18/2017
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