Best Techniques for Expressing Feelings | Writing Review

Express Feelings

Authors will oftentimes try to express feelings. It’s important that you as a reader recognize when an author is trying to express feelings. First of all, let’s take a look at some situations in which a writer may express their feelings. It may be when they’re giving a personal story or telling about a personal situation. Personal situations are like it sounds: very personal to them. It pertains directly to them.

It’s something they’ve experienced, so strong emotion will come out of that and they’re going to express their feelings. Often, if a writer is trying to persuade someone, there will also be strong feelings as the writer is trying to arouse the emotions of the reader to get them to think a certain way or to take a certain action. You could know that a writer is trying to express feelings when they use phrases like “I felt” or “I sense”.

Here, the writer is inserting their own opinions. They are not giving facts. They’re talking about their own opinions. Here, they’re gonna be talking about feelings. “I felt” is a feeling, and “I sense something” is also a feeling. Those kind of phrases can tip you off that some kind of personal emotion or a personal feeling is coming. It’s important that you recognize these strong emotions. Recognize when strong emotions are portrayed or when certain feelings are expressed. You as the reader don’t want to fall into the trap of giving too much sympathy to the writer.

If you fall into the trap of falling into all the emotions of the writer, then it’s going to be hard for you to look at the text objectively and try to understand the text better and to evaluate it. You need to distance yourself from the emotions of the writer so that you can evaluate what you are reading. The important thing to remember is that an author will express feelings when talking about a personal situation or when they are trying to persuade. It’s important that you as the reader recognize these strong feelings.



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