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Mometrix’s free English video library delves into concepts, ideas and topics that may be presented on tests and exams that include reading comprehension. The concepts included in Mometrix’s free review video directory include the following: Author’s Position, Cause and Effect, Character Analysis, Conflict, Context, Inference Questions, Plot Line, Point of View, Rhetorical Strategy, Text Evidence and more. These videos serve as a general overview of the questions test-takers may encounter on their examination, and are intended for use in combination with Mometrix’s other study materials and resources, including study guides and flashcards, that offer a more in-depth discussion of the concepts specifically related to the test-takers upcoming test or exam.

Acknowledging the Unknown When ReadingAppeal to Emotion – As a logical fallacyAuthor’s PositionBenefits of Understanding Action and Stage DirectionsCard CatalogCharacter ChangesCharactersConflictConflict ResolutionCredibleDenotative and Connotative MeaningsDescriptive TextsDetermining Relationships in a StoryDetermining Word MeaningsDramasEmotional Language in LiteratureEnglish Class: The Rule of 3 and Magic HelperEnglish Root WordsFact and Opinion – A Review for Middle SchoolersFact or OpinionHistorical ContextHow to Compare Two Stories EffectivelyHow to Make Predictions in a StoryHow to Support a ConclusionHow to Tell the Difference Between Facts and OpinionsInductive and Deductive ReasoningInferenceInterpretive EssaysIntro to Sentence TypesLogical FallaciesMajor Forms of ProseMedia for Kids: Understand Types of MediaNoticing an Author’s Use of Bias and StereotypePerfect Synonyms vs Near SynonymsPlot LinePoint of ViewPrimary SourcesReading Comprehension TipsReading FictionRhetorical Strategy of Cause-and-Effect AnalysisRhetorical Strategy of PersuasionSequenceSequence of EventsStory MapSuffixes – An Overview for KIDSSummarizing TextSupporting DetailsSynonymsText EvidenceTextual Evidence for PredictionsThe NarratorTopics and Main IdeasTypes of Literary GenreUnderstanding Various Types of Logical FallaciesUsing Context Clues | Reading ComprehensionWhat Exactly is a Stereotype?What is a Character Trait in a Story?What is Mood and Tone in Literature?What is Syntax?What’s the Difference Between a Musical and a Play?When There’s No KeywordWhen to Use That, Which, and Who

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