Reading Comprehension

Get a head start on your reading comprehension review.

Mometrix’s reading comprehension videos are general reviews of the concepts, ideas, and topics that may be presented on an exam. Each of these videos will give a wide-scope review of what a test taker may need to know as they prepare to take a test.

How to Increase Reading Speed and Comprehension

Improving your reading speed and comprehension is a valuable skill that can benefit you in various aspects of life, from academic studies to professional development. Here are five tips to help you increase both your reading speed and comprehension:

Practice Speed Reading Techniques

Speed reading involves techniques like skimming, scanning, and chunking to increase your reading speed. Skim through the text to get an overview, then scan for keywords and phrases that convey the main ideas. Additionally, try grouping words or phrases together (chunking) to read faster.

Expand Your Vocabulary

A rich vocabulary can significantly enhance your comprehension. When you encounter unfamiliar words while reading, make an effort to learn their meanings and usage. This will help you understand the text better and read with greater ease.

Eliminate Subvocalization

Subvocalization is the habit of silently pronouncing each word as you read, which can slow you down. Try to minimize this habit by using techniques like reading with a pen or finger to guide your eyes and break the subvocalization cycle.

Set Clear Goals

Determine your purpose for reading a particular text before you start. Are you reading for leisure, research, or studying? Having a clear goal in mind will help you adjust your reading speed and level of comprehension accordingly.

Take Notes and Summarize

While reading, take brief notes or highlight key points and passages. After finishing a section or chapter, summarize what you’ve read in your own words. This will not only reinforce your comprehension but also make it easier to review the material later.


by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: October 31, 2023